Business groups are snubbing DFLers

  • Article by: LORI STURDEVANT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 7, 2012 - 6:40 AM

Even those who are friendly to stated business interests.

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pumiceOct. 6, 12 5:46 PM

From the article: "That's why [Franzen and Selcer] thought they had a shot at winning the blessing of at least the Twin West Chamber of Commerce when they screened with its political action committee earlier this year." Hmmmmmm. Are you implying that the Chamber of Commerce Union has a biased endorsement process? Do they use membership dues for political purposes?

pumiceOct. 6, 12 6:05 PM

Re: "We citizens have no money without jobs, jobs do not exist without business." Anyone with a high school education is familiar with Abraham Lincoln's Fundamental Theorem of Economics, nice biscuits: "Labor came before capital. Labor can exist without capital, but capital cannot exist without labor."

garykhansonOct. 6, 12 6:12 PM

The business community needs to understand they are part of the larger community of Minnesota. They often are against their own interests and the interests of Minnesota because they have fallen for the Pawlenty "no taxes mantra."

jdlellis1Oct. 6, 12 6:13 PM

Governments primary focus is three-fold. 1) Safety/Security of the citizenry (self-explanitory). 2) Solid education to attract/retain families generation over generation. 3) Successful Business - To pay for baseline services. Loosing site of these tree principal pillars, is where governments (federal, state or local) begin to go done the slippary slope of inefficiencies.

stpaulisbestOct. 6, 12 6:47 PM

What?!? Business is in favor of republicans who will lower their taxes and deregulate their industries and gut labor legislation leaving businesses free to make shady deals, pollute the drinking water, fire workers for having the wrong political views, and freeload off of taxpaying citizens by using infrastructure without paying for it? Who would have thought that?

garagewineOct. 6, 12 8:20 PM

"govermnent affairs attorney" is corporate-speak for "influence peddler".

drichmnOct. 6, 12 8:50 PM

nicebiscuits, didn't you just tingle all over when Romney said "You can't have a free market work if you don't have regulation"? Yep, business and government are intertwined just like President Obama stated.

" We citizens have no money without jobs, jobs doe not exist without business" .... and unless citizens want your product your business isn't worth squat.

my4centsOct. 6, 12 9:43 PM

A pro-business Democrat sounds an awful lot like a compassionate conservative. Bush's biggest mistake was trying to be liberal-lite, offering the same government handouts as the Democrats but in smaller doses. Pro-business Democrats do the same thing. They will support some of the same issues, but at a higher government cost, including higher taxes. In both cases, support tends to go to the candidate that is all in rather than the one who will go half way.

martytoilOct. 7, 1212:06 AM

The chamber is the largest, political, spending, influencing, union there is.

dakmarknetOct. 7, 12 4:33 AM

In 2010, republican legislators ran on the platform that property taxes were too high for businesses and in order to stay competetive, they needed to get property tax relief. They then voted to eliminate the Homestead Credit Act, which according to MPR, significantly increased property taxes on businesses and farnmers. It makes you think whose side the MN Chamber of Commerce is actually on doesn't it? The businesses I know refuse to belong to the Chamber because they really don't represent them at all. They have recognized this political sword and don't want to wave it. Maybe it is time to view businesses in a different light if they are members of the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber has become too political for its purpose.


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