Twins shake up their staff, booting coaches and trainer

  • Article by: LA VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 5, 2012 - 2:07 PM

The reorganization, unlike any in team history, opens up space for some new faces to join the staff after two years of 195 losses.

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danmyteOct. 5, 1211:09 PM

I doubt that Gardy or Anderson are too worried about their jobs..the idea that this puts them on notice seems to be silly. If the two season we have just endured do not put you on the hot seat then this little PR stunt today will not do it for sure. Ihae been a Gardy supporter for the most part but it is past time to make a change. When the twins become relevant again I do not see Gardy as the skipper in charge.

stuckincheesOct. 5, 12 9:18 PM

The Twins are a mess. It starts with the owners. How does Gardy keep his job after guiding the Twins to 195 losses in 2 straight years. Then he allows the team to fire most of his staff just so he can continue to lose games for the Twins. Nice loyalty.Add a GM who isn't straight with the fans when he says team salary isn't the problem. Try getting some pitching without it.Or power hitting without it. The Twins have a philosphy to not go after free agents or star pitchers because the cap would be too high then. The Pohlads are just collecting money. Pohlads please sell the team you are horrible owners. Twins fans love Twins baseball and come out to the games. They don;t deserve owners like this.

lcr1955Oct. 5, 12 8:41 PM

NOT ONE Twins pitcher registered 100 strikeouts this year, and the bullpen was far better than the starting pitching this year. Yet the bullpen coach gets fired, and the pitching coach is still on board?? What is wrong with this picture??

i01010101Oct. 5, 12 5:32 PM

I like Ron Gardenhire and Rick Anderson a lot, they seem to be very down to earth-type of guys and that is nice to see. However, after 2 seasons of futility by the pitchers and the team as a whole, I feel that Gardenhire and Anderson should both be let go as well. This team needs a COMPLETE overhaul of its coaching staff and picking and choosing a few here and there does not cut it. Unless these two gentlemen are let go, I will not be interested in purchasing season tickets or visiting Target Field anytime soon. Accountability needs to include everyone, and that does not seem to be the case. I hope it changes, but I don't think it will.

lbjensenOct. 5, 12 4:00 PM


Douglind33Oct. 5, 12 3:54 PM

Why are the enthusiam for Molitor? Maybe he'd be a great additon, maybe not. We have no evidence one way or another. All we know is that he has declined other managerial offers in the past and has been a part-time instructor. Great players don't necessarily make great managers - coaches. Ted Wiliams, anyone?

Douglind33Oct. 5, 12 3:44 PM

Lohse was a whiny head case here...maybe he's growq up. Andefrson is credited for improving the mechanics and approach of some no-names like Sanana, Rincon, Hawkins. It's easy to dump on guys when you have no specific knowledge of whta they do or how they do it. I spentg some interestingl times on the 3rd base railat the Dome watching Anderson work with Johan, Juan and Nathan before a game. The relationship was obviously close and comfortable. Criticsm is easy, folks.

tpiechowOct. 5, 12 3:42 PM

Are you people serious. Gardy/Anderson have lost 99 and 96 games and yet the 'ONLY' ones talking about axing them are people that understand baseball. If it was up to the Strib, Gardy should get a raise for the improvement this past year. Get real out there. These shakeups are like throwing a lawn chair off the Titanic.

BCanniffOct. 5, 12 2:59 PM

Most managers would resign if their coaches are fired. Not Gardy.

blwsportOct. 5, 12 2:40 PM

I don't think things are necessarily Gardys fault or Anderson's Fault, but what concerns me is that maybe things have gotten a little stale since Gardenhire has been at the helm for so long. If you work for the same boss in a normal workplace environment things usually get stale, and managers in retail as an example get changed around every 2 or 3 years to get some fresh ideas. I think that players may become a little too complacent and used to Gardenhires way and without realizing it, they get too comfortable. I think they need some fresh blood to light more of a fire under the players so they don't get too complacent. Don't get me wrong, I do like both Anderson and Gardenhire, but you can definitely see the frustration on Gardenhires face this past year. They need some new fresh talented players, especially pitching, but may need a fresh approach as manager. And, by the way, get rid of the pitch to contact theory, it's not working!


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