A shift -- and not just with the weather

  • Article by: JOHN DICKERSON , Slate
  • Updated: October 5, 2012 - 3:14 PM

Romney threads the needle at the debate and gives voters the opportunity to take a second look.

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jdlellis1Oct. 4, 12 8:32 PM

Candidate Romney clearly demonstrated, his human side, intellect and leadership. Those who will negatively respond to commentary will demonstrate a myopic view by an inability to step outside their comfort zone.

kebu80Oct. 4, 12 8:49 PM

Now you all got to see how awful Obama looks without his teleprompter and a pre written speech. He is obviously clueless and I enjoyed the heck out of showing!

endothermOct. 4, 1210:01 PM

It wasn't a good performance by the President, but I don't see how anyone with any common sense can say Romney actually won the debate. He contradicted many of his earlier positions, made vague promises and claimed he would do things that are actually impossible if you take an honest look at the math of his budget proposals. The President's problem is that he wasn't forceful enough and let way too much of Romney's nonsense go by without a challenge. The real loser last night was honesty.

whallingOct. 4, 1210:19 PM

Romney was presidential.

cstoney48Oct. 4, 1210:23 PM

Willard is a liar, prevaricator and hypocrite. After being on all sides of most every issue, he couldn't tell you what he really believes. He will say anything, be anything and do anything to win elective office. His word is simply worthless. That said, Obama was as big a disappointment in the debate as the introduction some years ago of the New Coke. Obama should have stayed home.

copper88Oct. 4, 1210:54 PM

It's interesting how someone can sit on a stage and lie for forty minutes and somehow "win" this debate. The failure of Obama (and Jim Lehrer)is that they didn't call Romney on his numerous fibs. If this is the "game changer" that gets Romney elected, God help us all.

gandalf48Oct. 4, 1211:04 PM

How can people be angry with Romney for being vague and leaving the details up to negotiations with congress? If you are seriously angry about that then you should be furious about Obama's direct lie during the 2008 primary where he explicitly said he was against the individual mandate for healthcare. I'd much rather have a candidate who is more vague in order to accomplish his political goals than a candidate who told me a direct lie. How about you?

jdlellis1Oct. 4, 1211:50 PM

For those who use the term liar to characterize Mr. Romney, ask yourself what politician does not lie? While I respect President Obama, a couple of items to consider. 1) During his first campaign, then Candidate Obama stated he was unaware of the bigotry preached by Reverend Wright. This at a church he was a member of for twenty years and conducted the marriage ceremony between he and Michelle. 2) Tavis Smily, perhaps the premier Black radio and TV journalist has stated that the general media (The 4th Generation) was so intimidated of being labeled racist, it failed to properly vet then candidate Obama. Thus allowing the terms "hope" and "change" (not to mention an inept Republican campaign) to be sufficient as a Presidential game plan. If you disagree or dislike this comment, allow me to utilize a quote by former President Truman, "I never give them hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's hell.”

jchilman12Oct. 5, 1212:30 AM

It is interesting when someone says, "He lied". If you actually "fact check", BOTH candidates twist the truth to their advantage. It is up to US as educated voters to decipher the truth. For example, 45% don't care that Obama twisted the facts because they are going to vote for the President. 45% don't care that Romney twisted the facts because they are going to vote for Gov. Romney. I find it humorous that Mr. Hope and Change NOW wants specific details. :) It made me chuckle. I also agree that Romney needs to explain his ideas a bit more. However, HALF of the President's debt cutting plan is ending the war in Afghanistan. 25% more is to "approve" existing cuts (not sure how that works). So really he is cutting 25%. Is that a lie? No, it is twisting the facts to suit his needs. Personally, I think it is necessary in today's sound bite culture.

drichmnOct. 5, 1212:38 AM

Romney took a hard turn to the center. He certainly wasn't the "severe conservative" he claimed to be during the Republican primary debates. Which Romney will show up at the next one?


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