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endothermOct. 4, 1211:23 PM

The cartoon should have the steamroller going in reverse. Romney just up and contradicted many of his earlier statements and positions last night. And I'm sure he will turn around and contradict them again tomorrow. The man flip flops so fast that you can't even pin him down, and when you try to get a straight answer out of him, he says something that a minute of research reveals to be false. You just can't trust a person like this. He will not be getting my vote.

comment229Oct. 5, 12 4:09 AM

We need to find the hidden video camera catching Romney telling a private party invitation elite crowd his main strategy to get elected: "Promise them anything and everything, pie in the sky, a chicken in every pot, and 53% of them will be to lazy to insist on fact checking which would be disastrous to my campaign. And remember our pledge not to tell them about the loopholes we are going to close, and hey, that summary thing seemed to have worked for my tax information for the last ten years. I love ignorance!"

bizsmithOct. 5, 12 6:19 AM

I still won't vote for either, but it was clear Romney was better prepared.

tpods1Oct. 5, 12 6:59 AM

What we saw is that if we get four more years of Obama two things will happen. First the economy won't get better and likely will get worse with his government led policies. We are broke and no taxes on the top 1% will solve that. Democrat spending must stop. Second, after four more years of Obama no Democrat will have a chance for President in 2016. I'd like Romney to win as it's best for America, but for consolation just like when they lost the House, they would lose the Senate in two years and Presidency in four.

palsarOct. 5, 12 7:26 AM

"Promise them anything and everything..." -- And exactly how is this any different than Obama, Bush II, Clinton, Bush I, etc. That's how 99% of all politicans get elected.

urservantOct. 5, 12 9:06 AM

In a debate, like any contest, there is a winner and loser. Romney won this round. The president lost due to a poorer performance. It is that simple. To blame others is to deny reality. The next debate may have a different result but if the president loses again, who do you blame.

beebee82Oct. 5, 12 9:12 AM

Actually, palsar, President Obama has never promised that this recovery will be easy or that sacrifices won't have to be made. He's never claimed he owns a magic economic growth wand and can miraculously reduce the deficit with tax cuts and military growth. He's stated numerous times that it will take a long time and a lot of hard work to bring us back on track. Unfortunately, many people don't want to hear that truth.

muskiedogOct. 5, 1212:33 PM

beebee82 he said he would cut the deficiet in half and restore the economy in 4 years or he would seek re-election.

jimmybobbyOct. 5, 12 1:42 PM

Obama is asking for sacrifice --- just not from the people likey to vote for the phoney. A new politician, hope and change, blah blah blah. Just the same old lefty, machine politician interested in making one class pay for his programs that primarily benefit public sector workers and his other cronies. Romney is not perfect by any stretch, but I am so sick of slick, know it all Obama, I am ready for someone that I truly believe is more interested in solving problems that going 'after' one class of people to 'get even' or repaying his political supporters.

BCanniffOct. 5, 12 2:49 PM

Obama said in 2008 that if he didn't fix the economy in 3 years he wouldn't deserve to be re-elected. If he is he will be a lame-duck President with no power to get anything accomplished with Congress. Time for stronger leadership in Washington. Romney makes Obama look like a wimp.


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