Arnold Schwarzenegger's tell-all book takes bad taste to a new level

  • Article by: Steve Lopez , Los Angeles Times
  • Updated: October 5, 2012 - 1:43 PM

The 38th governor of California thinks it's appropriate to drag his family and the state through a history of his tawdry scandals.

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msfb99Oct. 4, 1212:01 PM

Wow relax. He is a movie star, not a role model.

mmcfetriOct. 4, 1212:12 PM

I can't imagine why anyone would buy this book.

ShannaraRoseOct. 4, 1212:34 PM

He's just a movie star - that automatically excuses him from any semblance of morals or sense or consideration, right? And before that he was just a governor, just a championship bodybuilder, just a ... heck ... just a sorry excuse for a human being, apparently.

notforwardOct. 4, 1212:37 PM

Steve Lopez seems to have a real grasp of the contents of a "tell all" book.

furguson11Oct. 4, 12 1:12 PM

Hoping that this books ends up in the discount rack soon.

comradeOct. 4, 12 1:19 PM

Just go away Arnold. What a selfish, self absorbed creep. Hopefully his career is about over and we won't have to bother with him anymore. He is bottom of the barrel material as a human being.

notsidOct. 4, 12 2:40 PM

Obviously, he likes publicity and the related fun of promoting his book. Am not sure why anyone would buy it but...not a very classy guy iz dot Arnolt.

holstjOct. 4, 12 2:52 PM

Jessie is looking pretty good now.

RanickOct. 4, 12 3:01 PM

Arnold has lived an amazing life. Is he a self absorbed guy? Well, he became famous because he likes to look at himself in the mirror while flexing. You do the math. Anyone who goes from an obscure Austrian village to one of the worlds biggest international icons is going to be a train wreck of good and bad qualities. Just think about anyone in his league of super celebrity and try to name one that is normal. Can't do it. Michael Jackson, nope...Madonna, nope...Elvis, nope...Prince, nope...Tom Cruize, nope. You can feel sorry for his wife, but she married Arnold after all, and Arnold had a past and a reputation well before he married her. The guy was charismatic and had big muscles and she was infatuated by him, and his freakish energy, and by the fact that he was about as different from the Massachusetts boys she was familiar with as was humanly possible. But a tiger doesn't change it's stripes. How did she think it was going to end? As for him making his private life public...since when hasn't it been public? None of this should be shocking or surprising to anyone who pays attention.

flogicOct. 4, 12 3:13 PM

It only servers to remind us how stupid we have all got voting into office based on meaninless one liners and being told what we want to hear in pre-election speeches. Sounds kind of like what is happening again today. Elect me, I am perfect and fart gold dust that we can all gather to reduce the deficit and build billion dollar structures so we can get drunk while we cheer at our favorite images of our own past glories on the sandlots, high school stages, and video games we played. Arnold, well, he encapsulated all three. I best skip dessert tonight, go for a jog, and maybe check my balances and monthly budget.


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