Labor calls Crystal Sugar boycott

  • Article by: MIKE HUGHLETT , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 2, 2012 - 7:07 PM

The AFL-CIO move came as the company's lockout of 1,300 workers moved into its 15th month.

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cpoorkerOct. 2, 12 2:42 PM

We've already been boycotting Crystal Sugar since the beginning of the strike. The greed amongst big companies in this country is astounding. They're making huge profits and are not rewarding the employees' role in those profits. Union-busting is all the rage right now, and I fear we're heading back to the 1920s when the wealth was in the hands of very few. And, ALL OF US can thank organized labor for better working conditions, five-day work weeks, 40-hour weeks, vacation, sick leave, health insurance, and more. People need to look at the tyranny of big employers just 100 years ago.

stolaf80Oct. 2, 12 2:56 PM

Since no "grave injustice" was done to the locked out workers, what is the AFL-CIO talking about? The workers passed on a deal that most workers in the same geographic area with the same marketable skills would be happy to take. The workers just overplayed their hand. The ease with which they were replaced shows this clearly.

stolaf80Oct. 2, 12 3:06 PM

I see it didn't take long before the lie about what Big Labor supposedly brought us appeared. The free marketplace brought worker benefits, not a union. In 1914, before there was a union at Ford, Henry Ford raised many assembly workers wages to $5 a day. The pay increase was also accompanied by a shorter workday (from 9 to 8 hours). While this rate didn't cover every worker, it more than doubled the average autoworker's wage.

jk8ballOct. 2, 12 3:55 PM

it looks to me that the union workers need to look for a job elsewhere, they'be already been replaced and things are well. unions are outdated and beyond their usefulness.

vampress_meOct. 2, 12 4:04 PM

Sorry AFL-CIO, I started buying only Crystal Sugar a year ago when I found out what the strike was about.

patsOct. 2, 12 4:18 PM

I stopped buying Crystal when all this started. Will look for C&H instead. I think my Target only sells Crystal white sugar and I don't like the Target brand. Yeah, I bake a lot.............

dovewriterOct. 2, 12 4:25 PM

When the recession hit, I took a paycut because I understood it's what had to happen in order for the company not to close. I pay more now for my health insurance. My job has no such thing as seniority. If I don't like it, I can go get a job somewhere else. A 13% increase in pay over 5 years?! Are you kidding me? I'm headed to the store to buy pounds of sugar now from Crystal Sugar. Their offer sounded fair. Union workers: they called your bluff, sorry.

boojiboyOct. 2, 12 4:30 PM

Going to buy more Crystal Sugar. On this particular collective bargaining agreement the company is in the right.

mixie7Oct. 2, 12 4:35 PM

Unfortunately this just shows how out of touch these workers are. Look at it from the consumer's perspective, there is no change! Although I also think we're out of whack as a country. Only one bad call for the Packers and POOF! New contract for those refs. If sugar was made worse, or wasn't available because of the workers striking, they might have something.

daveyk206Oct. 2, 12 4:38 PM

Does anyone remember what happened with the NWA Airbus base in Duluth? Yea, the same thing will happen here.


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