In God, they don't trust

  • Article by: DANA MILBANK , Washington Post
  • Updated: October 2, 2012 - 10:10 AM

The fact that Congress is in recess didn't stop atheist from lobbying on Capitol Hill.

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theokoOct. 2, 1210:38 AM

Bachmann is not pious, as she breaks the Commandment "Thou shalt not lie" so regularly that fact checkers don't spend time on her anymore. She uses religion to dupe people into supporting her.

xjritterOct. 2, 1211:06 AM

What a condescending piece this is! The fact is that America was established for freedom, which excludes the very idea of any religion ruling over us or making our laws. The founders had enough of that in Europe, which is a major reason they came here. American freedom includes the freedom to practice one's belief or disbelief without any urging from the government or its representatives.

RanickOct. 2, 1211:26 AM

Atheism has in essence become much like a religion itself. Think about it: Christians say "If you don't believe what we believe, you're dumb." Muslims say "If you don't believe what we believe, you're infidels...and you're dumb!" Atheists say "If you don't believe what we believe (or don't believe?), you're dumb!" Hindus say "What's all the shouting about?", Buddhists say "Quiet we are trying to meditate"

davehougOct. 2, 1211:28 AM

Aside from having to hear refences to God, just what are they asking for? To re-write our founding documents?

widmerOct. 2, 1211:40 AM

No, Dave, I imagine they're trying to re-introduce our founding documents to everyone. The founding fathers were children of the Enlightenment and were most likely atheists. The documents they drafted reflect that and they've been hijacked relatively recently by those that would like to have you believe that the Constitution was somehow a divine document. It was written by pragmatic lawyers that fled a nation that had a state church.

rhanOct. 2, 1211:42 AM

It is funny to see Christians get all upset when they claim that "Others are forcing their beliefs down their throats" when they clearly have no trouble forcing their Christian beliefs down everyone's throats, because if they did they would agree to simply remove their theological beliefs from the public arena.

viktorvaughnOct. 2, 1211:50 AM

The main hangup I have with religous beliefs is they all require you to pretend to know something that you have no way to actually know.

Atheist make this same mistake by insisting they know there is no god. Why can't we just admit we don't know? We don't have the evidence to prove or disprove god, and maybe we don't even have the mental capacity to comprehend the big picture outside of our little bubble in space and time.

scott1972Oct. 2, 1211:57 AM

Dave could you please reference the founding documents you are referring to.

ranger1873Oct. 2, 1212:01 PM

If the atheists are right, I've got nothing to lose. If I'm right ... well, they don't call it the "Lake of Fire" because it tickles.

xjritterOct. 2, 1212:17 PM

Ranger1873, well in that case what I should do is shop for the deity worshipped by mankind who offers the WORST punishments, and be sure to worship that deity just in case he's the right one. I'm sure there are some deities that are even more threatening than the Christian one who offers the "Lake of Fire" for his non-believers.


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