More than 60 million likely to see first presidential debate

  • Article by: DAVID LIGHTMAN and ANITA KUMAR , McClatchy News Service
  • Updated: October 3, 2012 - 5:53 AM
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vlombardyOct. 2, 1210:00 AM

Ryan's budget plan is well spelled out in his manifesto. And it isn't good news for 80% of the country, but very beneficial for 20%. This is leadership?

gary32Oct. 2, 1211:12 AM

Does Barry get to use a teleprompter for the debates?

ikyabwaiOct. 2, 1211:32 AM

Would this be considered a "Flip" or a "Flop"? How many more policy changes can we expect before Super Tuesday Mitt?

theagonygopOct. 2, 1211:39 AM

gary32: "Does Barry get to use a teleprompter for the debates?" Doesn't need one. (BTW, Willard uses one and when he doesn't hes says incredibly stupid things!) The President has a brain and doesn't change his position on things every three days. Willard is toast on Wednesday.

crystalbayOct. 2, 1211:40 AM

"Does Barry get to use a teleprompter for the debates?"............First of all, disrespecting the office of the president by referring to him as "Barry" just makes you look bad; secondly, all presidents have used teleprompters; thirdly, watch Obama's 90-minute unscripted conversation with the Republican congressional dinner if you really want to see him in fully spontaneous action. He held them spellbound and astounded them even further when he fielded their questions with dignity and detail. He performed so well, as a matter of fact, that they never invited him back again!

jrspacemanOct. 2, 1211:46 AM

Romney is flip flopping on immigration, and being very vague on closing loopholes and what deductions would be. He's shaking the etch-a-sketch in an attempt to get moderates to accept him.

Ryan is being disingenuous with his statements about those who owe no FIT. Ryan said "I have an idea: Let's help them get jobs so they can get good paychecks and then they're good taxpayers." He did not mention that military members serving in war zones and retired seniors are among the millions of people who do not owe federal income taxes.

What about all of the people who do have jobs, but don't make enough to pay FIT? A lot of people are making minimum wage because businesses like to keep their labor expenses low. What does Ryan propose to do about that flaw in his "get a job" argument?

voteridproOct. 2, 1211:58 AM

I am sorry but Obama is doing all he can to prevent deportation of illegal immigrants and that is totally WRONG!

voteridproOct. 2, 1212:00 PM

?"............First of all, disrespecting the office of the president....Lincoln, Nixon, Clinton, Bush....why should Barry get a pass?

EleanoreOct. 2, 1212:05 PM

Another example of how the GOP is not offering genuine counterpoint to the democratic proposals out there. these people basicly play for the same team, team corporate profits, not team america. I don't see any way out of the logical future based on what's been seen in the recent past.

carbonbigfutOct. 2, 1212:14 PM

crystalbay: "First of all, disrespecting the office of the president by referring to him as "Barry" just makes you look bad..." Since "Barry" has no respect for the office, why should anyone have any respect for him? During the 2008 debates, Barry never referred to "President Bush", it was always "George Bush". John McCain should have called him on it.


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