Twins prospects aren’t ready yet

  • Article by: La VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 2, 2012 - 4:59 PM
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lindy_frank123Oct. 2, 12 8:08 AM

42 errors? Get him off third. Geesh. Put him at first for now. Sounds like there farm system isn't as good as you're trying to paint it LEN3.

justthetruthOct. 2, 12 8:09 AM

The Twins need to commit to the young players if they are not going to be active in the free agent market or swing any meaningful trades. If they do that, they need to change the Gardenhire/Anderson/Vavra regime. This management group has not been able to mentor, develop or improve anyone (if you disagree, give me an example). Gardenhire likes veterans ala Butera, who do nothing but take up space and block progress. Bring in personnel who know how to work with developing players and who have a fresh approach to the game. If nothing else, it might put a few more fannies in the seats just to see what happens.

Dantes929Oct. 2, 12 9:40 AM

"42 errors? Get him off third. Geesh" I don't understand how an athlete can have 42 errors at 3rd base if he has had proper instruction and is focused. Especially a former shortstop. I heard Joe Crede had similar struggles at a very young age so I am not saying competency from a 19 year old is eventually unobtainable (Crede ended up being WAY better than competent). Defense is important. Plouffe's 2 run homer last night was nice and it won't show up in the stat sheet but his slow delivery on the throw home on the grounder with bases loaded cost us a double play and led to two Blue Jay runs. Two more earned runs to the pitcher that wouldn't have happened with sharper D.

natro220Oct. 2, 1210:00 AM

Buxton was our 1st Round Pick, but he wasn't the #1 pick of 2012. That pick went to Houston, Correa. Buxton was the #2 pick which went to us.

boneyardOct. 2, 1210:32 AM

" '42 errors? Get him off third. Geesh' I don't understand how an athlete can have 42 errors at 3rd base if he has had proper instruction and is focused." ////////////////// Wwwe-ellll, Derek Jeter had 56 errors in his age 19 season. He followed that up with seasons of 25 and 29 errors, respectively. Jeter wound up have in a decent career defensively as SS. These things happen. He's 19 years old playing his first pro season at 3B, for crying out loud. Plouffe's D is far more troubling given his age. That's when the "instruction and focus" should really come into play.

boneyardOct. 2, 1210:35 AM

Oops. My bad. Sano has played 84 games at 3B in the two previous seasons combined. Still, that's not a lot of baseball at a new position.

hjlazniOct. 2, 1211:02 AM

Play Sano and Plouffe at third at the same time, one can play behind the other to get balls the other misses. What is the point talking about prospects with the same management and coaching staff at the major league level. The Twins will continue to destroy their own young otherwise. Waiting till the pitch is deep, then swinging down on the ball with a short swing so you can hit a grounder past the other way middle infielder does not produce a lot of runs.

igowrulesOct. 2, 12 1:27 PM

"Twins prospects aren’t ready yet" I'm so glad this has been cleared up for me. I couldn't tell from watching the games being played.

pomooneOct. 2, 12 2:01 PM

justthetruth - Butera is not a veteran. He is 29 years old, and was a rookie in 2010. Gardy likes him because of his defense and how well he works with pitchers. Not because of is affection for veterans. Also, you asked for one example of a player this coaching staff has successfully developed? How about Mauer, Morneau, and Span? Other examples might include Ploufe, Diamond, and Revere (perhaps too early to tell).

bluedevil101Oct. 2, 12 2:05 PM

Interesting that the A's trade their all stars and top prospect, get players in return...and make the play offs. As Beane has said, "you never know about talent." And the Twins?


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