Residents, officials doubt MSP airport expansion plan

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 1, 2012 - 11:57 PM

Some fear noise will be worse than airport officials anticipate.

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oct98811Oct. 1, 12 8:48 PM

Delta broke its promises to keep Northwest's mechanics and flight attendants in Minnesota, so they could ship those jobs to Atlanta. Now they are demanding public money to squeeze out their competition? Metro area leaders need to scrutinize every claim made by the airlines and stand up for Minnesota citizens and not a CEO's profits.

bblheadOct. 1, 12 9:13 PM

Delta has not done anything to merit consideration for a premium terminal location. If they want the best gates, let them pay for them. At least when they pull more employees and flights the residents won't be out anything.

jaylitOct. 1, 12 9:19 PM

I have lived around the airport since 1949, either in Highland Park or now in Eagan. I have dealt with airport noise it seems forever. I was also part of the formation of MASAC with Highland Park and South Minneapolis many years ago that forced the the airplanes to either change their landing patterns or their rate of ascent and descent around the airport and to set aside space in Eagan & Mendota Heights primarily where no new houses could be built. Today these planes are a whole lot less noise than those 1st generation jets. Point is if you bought near the airport, noise goes will always be part of it. I don't necessarily agree about the growth numbers they claim will happen, but airport growth is inevitable.

farcicalOct. 1, 12 9:20 PM

Delta has a record of broken promises, Skype and Google offer FREE real-time collaboration via this wizardry called the internet, increasing fuel costs are outpacing inflation, and the economy is still teetering on an edge. Yup, perfect time to expand the airport.

lawyerguyOct. 1, 12 9:30 PM

Since traffic volume has decreased approximatly 8 percent since 2004 why, exactly, does the MAC think it will increase in the future? The peak traffic occurred in 2004--that was three years after 9/11 and four years before the current economic downturn. Obviously, something other than economic factors caused this decline. Oh yeah, maybe it was Delta's acquisition of Northwest and the reduction of the importance of MSP as a headquarters hub. So, let's see, the logical thing to do is reward Delta by giving it all the prime terminal and gate locations while shunting aside its competitors. As for the assumption that expansion is needed because MSP will be seeing larger planes, Delta no longer flies 747s into MSP and has few international flights which require larger aircraft. What sort of incompetent boobs are running the MAC? This is hardly the time to expand and, if MAC wants to expand, it should be to lure competition to the market, not benefit Delta.

oct12012Oct. 1, 12 9:42 PM

If in 2004, the current airport handled 541,000 flights and the anticipated 2025 number is 526,000 flights, why does there need to be an expansion? Also, what terms is Delta willing to be held to ensure we have the flights here and that the hub is not closed?

vampress_meOct. 1, 12 9:44 PM

1- I fly through MSP often, hubby does almost every week, 'Terminal 1' (remember, it's not the Lindberg terminal anymore complements of the MAC) is not overcrowded or have too few gates. There are many gates standing empty...and the only overcrowding is caused by TSA at security lines. 2- How stupid can the MAC be to give the entire 'Terminal 1' to Delta given what Delta has pulled so far with every promise they have made since taking over NWA?!?! Of course, MSP having some of the highest fares in the nation due to the Delta monopoly obviously doesn't concern MAC in the slightest.

bomborOct. 1, 1210:06 PM

MAC = Delta/Northwest. There is no distance between the two.

rshacklefordOct. 1, 1210:13 PM

(Airport officials) "Developing another airport is unrealistic and any future high-speed rail would do little to reduce air traffic, they said." ---- Have they checked with DIA officials? Denver International? Denver moved its airport most conveniently outside of its metro area, connected by a high speed, single purpose road (maybe rail now too, don't know). Check it out with Google Earth. Result? Everyone is happy. Zero noise for homeowners because zero are around it. Tons of open land for businesses that want to be near the airport (like hotels, equipment maintenance firms, food distributors, myriad others). Tons of airspace for future increased plane traffic. Easily "locked-down"/sealed-off" in case of a "crisis." But, our politicians approve stadiums, not valuable infrastructure improvements. Move the MSP! The construction workers need the JOBS. Jobs, jobs, jobs...right politicians? And, we'd likely get lots of federal money for the project considering that we got a large amount for a new MN/WI bridge.

dtmonkeyboyOct. 1, 1210:38 PM

I don't trust the MAC. And I don't trust delta.


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