Obama speeds review for Southwest light-rail line

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 1, 2012 - 7:24 PM

Funding for the line, set to open in 2018, is still not guaranteed.

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tadesheOct. 1, 12 7:30 PM

Solid progress. The line is much needed and behind schedule. It is time for the Twin Cities to get up to speed on mass transit. Way overdue.

markc1Oct. 1, 12 7:31 PM

Thank you democrats! if it were up to the republicans there would be no lite rail and no Amtrak, and I like train travel!

exrepublicanOct. 1, 12 8:30 PM

Hold on for all the canned, talking-point comments from the tea party-paid professional social media people. When you hear "boondoggle," "choo-choo," and "we're broke," which you never hear about new highways, it's a safe bet that Exxon-Mobil and the Koch brothers are providing the funding. Nothing scares Big Oil more than the thought of Americans getting around in electric-powered cars and trains--all powered by turbines driven by wind, solar and a little natural gas and nuclear. Gotta keep those petroleum margins up, boys!

dtmonkeyboyOct. 1, 12 8:38 PM

As the population ages, public transport will be essential. It is unfortunate that the previous system was destroyed. We need a strong Multi modal system.

JabbaHuttOct. 1, 12 8:40 PM

We already have multiple lines and they are a financial drain on our tax dollars. If they really made sense private industry would have already built it. Another waste of local funds that we don't have and federal funds that we will have to borrow.

ffedericoOct. 1, 12 8:41 PM

If Southwest Rail isn't pork the what is? What could be of lower priority or lower cost/benefit than this? For what it will bring in in revenue over cost of operations they'd be just as well off to have construction workers just dig ditches and fill them up afterwards.

adhemarOct. 1, 12 8:53 PM

So I guess there is plenty of money. I had no idea. "So far the state has committed only $7 million of its $125 million share and Republican legislators critical of transit have resisted spending more."

djsullivanOct. 1, 12 8:54 PM

ffederico, How much revenue is that road past your house brining in?

ninetwelveOct. 1, 12 8:55 PM

Obama wants to speed up the permit process so we can spend quicker (or in this case buy votes). If he had any common sense he'd speed up the permitting for pipeline from Canada because that would create 10's of thousands of jobs (and create tax revenues). It appears he has no interest in fixing the economy only in getting re-elected.

jpcooperOct. 1, 12 9:06 PM

Minneapolis to St Louis Park to Eden Prairie. 18 miles according to mapquest. $1.25 B / 18 Miles = $70 Million per mile. Thats $13,000 per foot. Once built it will only cost the taxpayers of MN $30M per year to keep it running.


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