Can Twins starting rotation be fixed?

  • Article by: La VELLE E. NEAL III , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 30, 2012 - 11:22 PM

The Twins can't afford to ignore any avenues in a quest for reliable starters for a deficient rotation.

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lindy_frank123Sep. 30, 1210:23 PM

Grienke was available three years ago and they didn't go after him. Why? There stopper/closer has been available the last three years and still not biting. Pathetic. Where would New York be without CC? Where would Boston be without Beckett? Do you think either team would have won the Series without them? Seems like Ryan is satisified with 3/4/5 starters. You don't win Terry without a 1 or 2. Case in point/Detroit has Verlander and Chicago has Sales.

mrchipsSep. 30, 1210:46 PM

Ok I agree with this article u wrote or at least part of it. Yes Blackburn will come to camp looking for job cause that is his only choice with this club. So if he is terrible once again then send him to Triple AAA and leave him there until his contract expires. Or maybe the Twins will get lucky and he may ask the Twins to release him? But I doubt that will ever happen. Pavano coming off an injury and if he wants to test the Mkt then let him and lets hope someone likes him. I hope Scott Baker can come back and show us the pitcher he really can be. He is a pitcher that can give the twins at least 175 innings if he can stay injury free. Diamond and Hendricks will be back as well and hopely better. I would like to see this rookie everyone keeps talking about come from triple AAA after some spent there. But who knows? This will be a very interesting off season for this club no matter what they do..

firefly70Oct. 1, 12 1:05 AM

"You don't win Terry without a 1 or 2":__ Agree. Especially if a team wants to win in the postseason. Problem is, there are not a lot of true 'Aces' in baseball. Sure, there's a few more quality #2 starters, which would still be a big improvement for the Twins. But the pending FA's for 2013 looks pretty thin.

firefly70Oct. 1, 12 1:10 AM

However, I wouldn't be suprised if Ryan and the Twins try to go after Kevin Correia. He seems the type Ryan loves. A decent #4/5 starter (that way the Twins would have more "depth" and "competition" during Spring Training); pitch-to-contact (meaning he doesn't have a real good ability to actually strikeout batters); with pretty good control (only 45 BB in over 164 IP); relatively cheap ($4 Mil in 2012); so far .500 (11-11) on a team that is 4 games under .500; with a not-terrible-but-not-great ERA of 4.33; opponents batting .268 BA/.316 OBP/.421 SLG/.738 OPS against him (again, decent but not spectacular). A 'durable' arm, not having misses many games in the past few years due to injury. Plus, Ryan would be able to point out that Carreia was an All-Star in 2011, along with his ability to pitch in relief if needed. In general, an under-the-radar type pitcher who could potentially help improve the Twins rotation, but nothing that would make casual fans stand up and take notice.

keepinupOct. 1, 12 6:33 AM

My problem with pitch-to-contact pitchers is when there's a man on third with no outs. A strike out in that situation really helps take the pressure off.

jacksoncageOct. 1, 12 9:22 AM

He doesn't like to "commit to the amount of years" it takes to get a quality starter? Then find a GM who does. We're sick of a AA club in a major league park.

timandtiaOct. 1, 12 9:39 AM

Oh, I forgot that the Twins drafted a high school outfielder this past draft. And here I thought that the Twins needed pitching help. What were the Twins thinking about in this past draft?

mrfaquesenOct. 1, 1210:04 AM

PJ Walters wasn't mentioned. I like him better than Hendriks or Blackburn. Please, I think we've all seen enough 89-90 MPH "sinkers" smashed all over the ball park. The thing I like about Walters and DeVries is their ability to use their off speed pitches. They can both throw their curve for strikes and throw it out of the zone for swing and misses. Hendriks and Blackburn just throw their fastball over and HOPE the other team hits it at someone. Then you have to hope the abysmal infield doesn't botch another play. Hope shouldn't come into play at the professional level.

rlt213Oct. 1, 1210:07 AM

I think everyone knows what happens with 'pitch to contact' pitchers. With the Twins luck those pitches end up going over the fence!! I hate that term and it shouldn't even belong in the Twins vocabulary for the future!! They have to reduce the amount of HR's allowed and increase innings pitched and strikeouts. I think they bring back Diamond, Hendriks and Deduno (i know he is young and a prospect but he pitched better then Blackie) Restructure Baker's contract IF he comes back and IF he stays healthy. This is the only team that Blackie could play for, he will end up in AAA by the end of May next year. They have to bring in 1 or 2 starters to compete for a spot in the rotation and they MUST be a reasonable strikeout pitcher and an innings eater!!

bgrahamOct. 1, 1210:35 AM

Shawn Marcum in Milwaukee can be really good when healthy. He would be a nice fit, but not an ace. Then again I don't see the Twins finding a true ace this winter for what's out there on the market. They certainly won't pay for one, that's for sure. I see the Twins adding one starter from outside the organization or maybe two depending on Baker and Pavano. The rest will be Diamond, Baker or Gibson because they will have innings limits, then two other starters from a pool of possibly Pavano, Deduno, Walters, Hendricks, Devries and Blackburn. Should be more competitive but not enough for all the big boys in the AL.


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