Mauer to the hot corner? Too early to say

  • Article by: JOE CHRISTENSEN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 30, 2012 - 11:29 PM
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fattyfatamySep. 30, 12 9:08 PM

Fire Gardy and his minions. Ask Baby Jesus to work out seriously at third during the off season. Actually, he could host an infielder's convention with Justin, Pedro, and a couple of second basemen. See how it goes. Trevor will make a great bench player, with RH power and able to play several positions poorly.

davidjb99Sep. 30, 12 9:09 PM

"They're out there every day getting it done." Huh? Worst record in the American League most of the season and 2 back-to-back 90+ loss seasons? Time to clean house. Bring up Bruno and teach these guys to get the bat head out and drive the ball. Twins season ticket holders probably aren't up for another season of this.

truthtimeSep. 30, 12 9:51 PM

I thing I heard that on Sid's morning radio show today Ryan seemed to be saying coaching changes are coming. Frankly, Vavra was better this year than last year, but doesn't seem to get the most out of guys in the Twins system. Willingham and Doumet came from outside and fortunately don't seem infected by the "batting the Twins way" influence — yet. Rick Anderson doesn't seem to communicate with young pitchers very well — Okay with vets, of which we have so precious few, so why not get someone who has experience leading a young staff to respectability. I'd even consider replacing the third base coach. Seems to lack feel/knowledge of the other team's outfield arms and Twins running abilities. But I will acknowledge he is better now than he was earlier this year or last year, when there were some brutal decisions about sending or not sending runners.

mrchipsSep. 30, 1210:08 PM

Grady just be glad your staying. Anderson well here Im not so sure. did his influence do anything positive for Frankie(I do not think so) did his influence with Blackburn help him improve his game( I do not think so) And Gardy u said Blackburn will be in camp next spring. Well thats fine but he is not coming North with this squad. Even if does pitch a few innings of good pitching. Ok now some of these other coaches may have to go. Im sorry about that but club has to mave in a different direction with some new supervision from some new coaching.

morty343Oct. 1, 12 1:20 AM

I've said it ever since talk about moving Mauer from behind the plate began: if not at catcher, play him at 3rd. He's exactly what you want over there; an absolute natural athlete with exceptional eye/hand coordination and reflexes. And a long reach, and he's willing to lay it out. A good, strong, accurate arm for throws to 1st. People who want him in the outfield forget that he's not fast enough to cover enough ground.

bobo72Oct. 1, 12 1:36 AM

More idiocy. Plouffe hits for power. He's been hurt most of the second half. He deserves the job next spring. Mauer needs to do something more with his bat before we start anointing him the savior at every position. I mean, batting titles are so last millennium. Start knocking it over the wall 30 times a year and driving in a hundred-plus if you want to play third. Really, if Plouffe hadn't gotten hurt, he'd probably have 35 dingers and 80 RBI.

firefly70Oct. 1, 12 3:33 AM

Mauer: "I think we're a better team when I'm behind the plate."__ Yes. And No. Haven't checked the previous seasons, but for this season the Twins record when Mauer started at the respective positions: catcher, 30-42 (.416 winning percentage); 1B, 10-20 (.333); DH, 17-22 (.436). Read into it what you will. While there are obviously some other variables that probably factor into the record of the Twins when Mauer starts as something other than the catcher, it's not quite so cut-and-dried that the Twins are necessarily better when he does catch. I might be reaching, but probably PART of why the Twins have such a poor record when Mauer plays 1B is due to NOT having Morneau playing first base. Twins record when Morneau starts at 1B this season is 47-52, (.475 winning percentage). Coincidence? It might just be a statistical anomaly for this season; hard to say.

podman64Oct. 1, 12 4:53 AM

Nice to know Joe can play first base and give Morneau a break. He is such a great athlete, he may be able to handle 3rd, which keeps Domunt in the line up, but Cuddy couldn't handle 3rd, so it's not a given.

meegwichOct. 1, 12 5:27 AM

Gardo on his staff--"their my friends"....that folks pretty much sums it up. 190 some loses over the past two full seasons...a complete playoff meltdown and embarrassment ending 2010...and all there is from old Gardo is well their my friends. Now, I'm sure they get after up everyday..grab the seeds and energy-drink and joke around with all the fella's. For once Ryan needs to make the decisions he's being paid to make and follow through with breaking up the "good old boys" club known around the league as the Twins manager and staff. Perhaps there is a whole lot more with some of the athletes on this team that fresh management could foster.

keepinupOct. 1, 12 6:21 AM

I've been saying for years that the Twins need to get rid of the last vestiges of the "Kelly Club" including Gardenhire. Until that happens you'll only get more good old boy stuff where nobody is responsible for results. I have not seen a pitching coach do anything with a young pitcher since Sain was teaching curveballs. (Does that tell you how long I've been a Twins fan?) Fattyfatamy, you are dead on with the comments on Plouffe. He would be a valuable fill in off the bench.


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