Oktoberfest in La Crosse: A party town tries to sober up

  • Article by: LARRY OAKES , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 1, 2012 - 6:24 AM

So many have drowned in this scenic Oktoberfest mecca that some tried blaming a serial killer. The real killer, leaders say, is an alcohol culture they're working to finally outgrow.

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nomedsSep. 30, 12 7:38 AM

People carry on and drink to alter their state of mind because over 50% of the population go through depression and by drinking they try to change how they feel.

jastkeSep. 30, 12 8:33 AM

One of the things I heard about LaCrosse when I was younger is that you could go to a different bar every day for over a year and never go to the same one twice. I don't know if that's true but it's not a big exaggeration either. Think of that. Over 300 bars in a city of 51,000, with enough alcohol being consumed to keep them in business. Then add in the alcohol consumed in places other than bars.

th3171Sep. 30, 12 8:53 AM

nomeds--please leave the diagnositic assessment to professionals. Do any research and you will find that your "50%" is a fairy tale.

ndterminatorSep. 30, 12 9:08 AM

Lacrosse has long culyivated their party college town image and are reaping what they've sewn. Changing this (and I'm betting that many of the alcohol selling/serving establishments are unwilling participants at best) will be like doing a bat turn with an aircraft carrier traveling at flank speed...

heiniemanushSep. 30, 12 9:15 AM

1973, up from Illinois, Alpine beer 4 quarts for a dollar (or the good stuff, Drewery's at 3 for a dollar). Glad I'm still here to talk about it.

nomedsSep. 30, 12 9:25 AM

"nomeds--please leave the diagnositic assessment to professionals. Do any research and you will find that your "50%" is a fairy tale." First, I am a professional and second the figure is from psychologists. so it is not my diagnosis.

folkslikeusSep. 30, 12 9:33 AM

Proud to be from Lacrosse! Where the liquor stays flowing past two a.m, and we can buy on Sundaysss ; )

timandtiaSep. 30, 12 9:50 AM

I have to admit it, I would not even want to be in WI this Octoberfest happens - seems like a mess to me. And yes, in my earlier days, I could party hard, but not now.

elguevon1Sep. 30, 12 9:58 AM

Wish it was the 80s & 90s again.....these last two decades have produced such ridiculous, uptight rules that only serve to squash fun. Part of the college experience, like it or not, revolves around parties and booze. It has been that way for a long, long time and there is NOTHING wrong with that. Quit trying to build protective bubbles around legal adults.

rockdocSep. 30, 1210:00 AM

As someone who attended St. Cloud in the late 70"s and early 80's...I thought I knew what a party town was till I went to Lacrosse for business last spring...50 bars and most were busy...on a tuesday!


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