Editorial: 'Not here in Minneapolis'

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  • Updated: September 29, 2012 - 11:13 AM

Community grieves, waits for answers after tragic shootings.

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mdachsSep. 29, 1212:22 AM

This event is tragic. But it is also a great example for the need for more Minnesotans to conceal and carry guns. In states where conceal and carry laws were passed, violent crime decreased significantly. Had one or more persons in this business carried a gun, it's quite possible that someone could have shot the killer before he shot anyone else. Minnesotans do NOT need to be victims of violent crimes.

RossbergSep. 29, 12 6:33 AM

There seems to be a lot of information that has yet to be reported. For example, it certainly must be known by now why he was fired. You don't normally fire a 12 year employee unless there have been some ongoing problems. Even though the owner is dead there would still be paperwork regarding the assailant's conduct. What was his specific job at this company? I don't think we know that yet. However, the details of his weapon and the "packaging" for 10,000 rounds of ammunition (whatever that is) are certainly prominent in the reporting although they would seem to be irrelevant. What worries me is the likelihood that this will devolve into another story where the focus is on the gun used rather than the cause of the event.

bizsmithSep. 29, 12 6:39 AM

Mdacha - oh that's just what we need, gun battles in the workplace. I'll take my chances where my coworkers are not ALL armed and dangerous.

kvarnoldSep. 29, 12 7:11 AM

Until people are tired of this kind of thing and take some definitive action (right now our hands are tied...let's put even MORE guns out there?). Everyone is helpless because of our gridlock politics and stereotyping of the other side. Get used to it. It is what we will live with. Preposterous to say "it can't happen here". Why not? I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often. What are we at now, about 1 mass shooting a week? Lets give everyone bazookas. Or how about tanks. Maybe bulletproof suits of armor? And why stop with one gun? Everyone needs a backup in case the first one doesn't work. And they should all be the same caliber so we can exchange ammo when under fire...and...and...awe shucks...

kvarnoldSep. 29, 12 7:12 AM

A teeny tiny problem like voter ID requires an amendment?! And this issue requires...no action?! Yeah, you gotta love the perverse American mind...

harry54Sep. 29, 12 7:19 AM

If we as a society are committed to everyone having access to guns, at any time and any place, this tragedy is unavoidable. Mentally unstable people will always have access to guns and we will always be convenient targets. In Europe, this scenario would not have occurred.

ethanellieSep. 29, 12 7:31 AM

This editorial makes no mention of the role guns play in workplace violence People are not using knives to kill their fellow workers. They know guns will do the trick. This man was a legal Minnesota conceal and carry permit holder. The idea that we need more of those folks out there "protecting us" is ludicrous. We need, in fact, fewer people with permits. They are shooting other people nation wide. George Zimmerman is one high profile example but there are many more. As long as the American gun culture that idolizes guns and people carrying loaded guns around in public exists, we will not be able to prevent these kinds of incidents. We need to demand a plan from our elected leaders to engage in a discussion about preventing and reducing gun deaths and injuries. Until we do, we see these senseless shootings. Aren't we better than this as a nation and as a state? Time for action.

paul44Sep. 29, 12 7:41 AM

Let's not overreact people. These tragedies are extremely rare. More guns is not the answer - just ask the father who accidently shot his son in another news story from Friday. Hug a loved one today and lets try to help those that need it.

FrankieSep. 29, 12 8:27 AM

Harry54 you state "In Europe, this scenario would not have occurred". What about Norway?

madenusaSep. 29, 12 8:49 AM

Knock it off about guns! For every fatal auto accident how many times do you blame the car? Yes, by all means take all the guns off the shelves so that only the criminals will have guns. One other question: how many times have those licensed to carry a gun gone berserk and shot up a room full of people?


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