Choice of designer opens window on Vikings stadium

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 30, 2012 - 8:13 AM

Dallas firm behind new homes for Cowboys, Colts will design Vikings stadium.

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liberaleliteSep. 28, 12 8:16 AM

Hopefully they don't screw up the shadows like they did at the Colts stadium... wow it's distracting watching their games. Love, Someone Forced To Pay For This Stadium

banne1955Sep. 28, 12 8:26 AM

We couldn't keep the architectural design company local? Hard to believe that there was one local company that could do the job ...

ScottSimonSep. 28, 12 8:31 AM

I have not been in the Dallas stadium. But I have been in Lucas Oil and the most annoying design feature of that stadium is the way the grid or "trusses" that support the roof cast shadows on the field when the roof is open. I hope that if they put a retractable roof on the Vikings stadium that they can research the position of the sun at all hours during months in which games are played in relation to how the field sits (i.e. N, S, E or W) and come up with a solution to this problem, prior to building the stadium. Better yet would be to devise a system that did not rely on the trusses for support. Perhaps a fluid hydraulic system similar to the roof at that museum in Milwaukee that allows the roof panels to move and the snow to slide off of them. Granted this is a serious challenge but remember you heard/read it here first. No shadows from overhead trusses will be tolerated! Not for a billion dollars.

parks12005Sep. 28, 12 8:37 AM

I can't wait to see the new Stadium! And as a Vikings season ticket holder living in Anoka County. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the good hard working folks of Minneapolis for picking up the tab.

Quimby3Sep. 28, 12 8:39 AM

"Groundbreaking for the stadium, which could feature a retractable roof, wall or window, is tentatively planned for next summer. The Vikings hope to open the facility, located on and around the current Metrodome site, in time for the 2016 NFL season." Great subliminal message! I can already hear the crys for more money to put a "retractable roof", "wall or window" on the stadium. Yes I know Ziggy was supposed to be on the hook for that, but the team will plead that without it we won't get the Superbowl bid and they cant afford more money.

quadrant5Sep. 28, 12 8:43 AM

WHAT! I thought a new stadium was supposed to benefit MINNESOTAS' ECONOMY. The hiring of a Texas design firm must be a misprint. I'll be watching the StarTrib for the correction.

stuss73Sep. 28, 12 8:46 AM

Awesome! Lets get it built and get out of the metrodome!

turgidSep. 28, 12 8:59 AM

"He said it's premature to say whether the stadium will have a retractable roof."... waiting for the Vikes to "suddenly discover" they could afford to kick in a little more after all.

stpaulisbestSep. 28, 12 9:00 AM

Of course. Why spend our money here at home? Can this thing get any worse?

liberaleliteSep. 28, 12 9:08 AM

banne1955, if a local architecture firm wanted the job, I'm sure they would have bid on it. Don't get me wrong, I think this is a colossal waste of taxpayer money, but the local firm thing is something that's not relevant in this case since none bid. It's even quite different than how the 35W bridge was awarded to a Colorado firm over a local firm. But if I'm forced to pay for a stadium that was against the wishes of the residents of my city, at this point I at least hope they do it right so it is many many decades before this comes up again.


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