Now, everyone in Twin Cities has a stadium

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 28, 2012 - 5:58 AM

Legislature went from backing none to accepting all. What happened?

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jw138Sep. 27, 1210:33 PM

This is complete bologna! The public did NOT think that the Metrodome had become obsolete! The mayor, governor, and state legislature refused to let the public speak via referendum! If it had, the public's voice would have been heard loud and clear!

rshacklefordSep. 27, 1210:35 PM

What happened? The only reasonable explanation is that when Minnesota politicians field privately owned pro sports teams using public tax dollars, they like to see them play like garbage in STYLE. And, a "cold Omaha?" We're still gonna be worse in perception than Omaha! As in, a flyover state that is "colder than Omaha plus wastes money."

zammanSep. 27, 1210:57 PM

They did not listen to the public. We did not want it, so not EVERYONE is happy.

erikj3Sep. 27, 1211:39 PM

"Nobody wanted the Twin Cities to become a "cold Omaha." It always comes down to our politicians and their inferiority complexes. We aren't NYC, LA, or Chicago. We should embrace that fact and go with what we're good at (the arts and nature, for example), and not bankrupt ourselves keeping up with the Jones (ie, cities 5 or 10 times our size).

sieversjSep. 28, 1212:01 AM

The Metrodome is obsolete, believe me. Ridiculous looking eyesore, built on the cheap, in 1982. Nothing around it now. I was there at the 1987 World Series, games 6 and 7. Though I am happy the Twins won, I knew then it was not a proper venue for baseball. Not like Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, not like Wrigley Field, Fenway, even the Reds stadium in Cincinnati. Somehow I do not believe those places were really built "on the cheap" in the beginning. Though of course I could be wrong. Maybe they were just location.... This stuff is important. Now we have to compete on a national and global scale. Last time I checked, Denver, a comparable metro area to MSP, had three brand new stadiums and six light rail lines, and that was when I lived there in 2004! But they also have 300 days of sunshine a year. I grew up here and want Minnesota to succeed, believe me. I saw Bud Grant and Vikings in the late '70s, when Denver was just "Cow Town," etc., but it was a different era then. Denver is growing like gangbusters now. We Minnesotans need to think BIG to draw others here, and especially when the economy is bad. But I've met people all over the country who like the Vikings (Joey Browner in the '80s, etc.). That's probably a reason Zygi actually had an interest in us. John

lumpermanSep. 28, 1212:22 AM

All politicians speak out of both sides of their faces. Pending popularity and votes, their opinions change more often than their stinky shorts. So what! We know that! We have a new stadium coming! Many new jobs, we will grow as a city and all will be well. Quit yer damn crying. Life is too short. All is well! We will benefit from this stadium, if you don't like it, don't go! You won't go broke paying your share! But I bet you whiners will be right in line if the Vikes or the soccer team ends up in a championship run.

nelsonerinSep. 28, 1212:27 AM

Everyone will have a stadium and did have a stadium. The dome was only 12 years old when we started this nonsense (the 1994 North Carolina scam). That is the same age as Xcel and Target Center is much older. So it wont be long before they want to tear these down as well. They are not finished sealing our money, just getting started.

crockrockSep. 28, 12 3:37 AM

Ha ha ha stadiums for billionaires!!!! You lost! Now go away!

raschumacherSep. 28, 12 3:59 AM

Welcome to the world-class club! You got played for suckers, like so many other mid-sized cities, handing out welfare to billionaires. But look at the bright side: you created dozens of seasonal food-service and janitorial jobs, avoided wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on failing public schools and mass transit, and will soon have more fun places to buy $10 beer and hot dogs to help you forget your troubles. Woo hoo!

aviendhaSep. 28, 12 4:32 AM

A major league city like...Indianapolis? Somehow when I conjure up a mental image of a cosmopolitan metroplex, Indianapolis doesn't come to mind. Besides, why mention that and not Dallas, or Houston? Texas has 2 NFL teams, 3 NBA teams, 2 MLB teams and a NHL team, and still has one of the worst qualities of life in the country, with high unemployment, poor access to health care, and an abysmal education system to name a few. Having a major-league team in your state doesn't make it a good place to live.


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