Minnesota's racial geography shifting

  • Article by: DAVID PETERSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 27, 2012 - 10:52 PM

Minnesota's outstate cities show striking contrasts, census finds.

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april24Sep. 27, 1211:07 PM

Stupid article. Who cares? I thought that political correctness has taught us that race doesn't matter? Obviously it does or they wouldn't track it. Alexandria is "seeking out more diversity?" What the hell does that mean? Can you imagine this pitch-"Hey person of color, would you like to move to our town in northern Minnesota? Really, we just feel guilty because we are a largely white community and need some brown people for show." Ridiculous. Do other countries do this? In South Korea do they try to have people of every race represented? If not, how do they live? Their lives must be so horrible only having other Koreans around. That's the myth of diversity, that it somehow makes life better. People hang out with others who are like minded. Most people don't care about race anymore and those who do will change eventually.

pinky1933Sep. 28, 1212:10 AM

i don't mind the tracking of racial geographical shifts across MN but i agree with April that "pushing" diversity into communities is a useless and foolish exercise. these things evolve best when they occur organically and with limited intervention.

disheveledSep. 28, 1212:47 AM

It matters when the largest growth expansion in your community is among those who hold an entirely different system of religious, cultural, and gender ideals than those that were once held by most Americans.

rusty0101Sep. 28, 12 3:20 AM

Who Cares!? Hmm.. From the article it sounds like businesses that are recruiting from around the country, and possibly around the world. Apparently some of them think that hiring bright, intelligent people who have different life experiences than the local population is a good idea for growing their business and their community. They are not happy when those bright intelligent people up and leave because they don't feel they can become a part of the community. Imagine that. Oh, I'm sure that there are some that up and leave because of visits by the INS, but businesses can't do much about that. They can offer to tell the local Chamber of Commerce and City Hall about the offers they have been getting from the City of Detroit...

tonyrozyckiSep. 28, 12 3:39 AM

Agree forced integration by elitist social engineers is a foolish exercise. Let life evolve naturally with limited intervention.

johnmcfaddenSep. 28, 12 6:53 AM

i could care less what color anyone is and i like immigrants who see this as a place to come and WORK. What i cannot tolerate is that many come here simply because there are a LOT of free rides to be had

jackpine091Sep. 28, 12 7:16 AM

... and businesses like these folks because they will work for a lot less money. Basically, they take jobs from the people that are already there. Seems fair.

carolnowSep. 28, 12 7:41 AM

Many immigrants - many European immigrants - came here and were exploited with meager salaries, no benefits, horrible living conditions, just as some of the recent immigrants are. Yet they came...for the same reasons immigrants are coming now. To have a future for their children. Our ancestors were willing to make the sacrifice, just as our new neighbors are. For our ancestors, the fears were about folks from other countries, German vs Polish people for example. Now we make it about "race" but that prejudice will hopefully fade, just as the earlier did. BTW - since when is Hispanic a race?

jocksterSep. 28, 12 7:54 AM

rusty1010-Those bright intelligent minds that some of these cities are recruiting are for employment in packing plants. Look at the cities with a "diverse" population such as Willmar, Worthington, Long Prarie, Pelican Rapids, etc. and you will see employers hiring and exploiting mainly hispanic workers. In Willmar the cultural clashes have become a problem.

EleanoreSep. 28, 12 8:34 AM

Using race as a newsline for anything other than medical is a divissive factor in society. However, this is kind of a not surprising story in the first place given that with time, people of every color are going to diffuse themselves aroud to where it's better to live. In Mn that would be outside large metro areas and since we've only got one of those, normalicy seems to be progressing just like anyone would predict. News? Maybe not.


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