Scoggins: The Big Ten's recruiting gap

  • Article by: CHIP SCOGGINS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 27, 2012 - 10:58 PM

The conference has many attractive amenities, but the best players in the South often want to play near home.

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eyeintheskySep. 27, 12 9:10 PM

I'm a Glden Gopher Football Fan. I just want the Gophers to work to get better with honest, hard work, discipline, strength conditioning and good execution of good game plans. I can't worry about what they do...don't do, have...don't have...down south and out west and anywhere that isn't cold or in farm; country or in the rust-belt. Minnesota and Big Ten Football teams generally aren't going to come out very well wasting all their resources trying to recruit the south...south west...south east, etc. Those places are too far away. Minnesota is further north than most of the other Big Ten Programs. Let the SEC schools continue to turn each other in for their nasty recruiting rumors and rumors of rumors. Let's just get ready for the Big Ten Season and play the best we can play. Don't worry, Urban will have Ohio State University in the hunt for as long as he is at the Ohio State...or...maybe it's just plain impossible for ANY Coach to win big in the Big Ten...even IF he won big at Florida... In the mean time, win ANY WAY on the playing field that you can win Gophers. Run a completely clean program. Graduate ever increasing numbers of Student Athletes and stay focused upon working to WIN Big Ten Football Games. Qualify for a bowl game. I'm a Gopher Football Fan. I like and support Big Ten Football. But, always remember college football is JUST a game. I don't like Oregon...or USC...or Alabama...or LSU...or Texas...or Auburn...or Texas A&M...or Florida. Here in Minnesota "trying to keep up with the sec..." is kind of a foolish thing to do. Let's just do what we can to work on improving. After's ONLY a game...and...who knows what global warming will do to those places down south...out west or in any of those places that are too hot already... ; 0 )

garoldSep. 27, 1211:09 PM

which is it wren? "win ANY WAY on the playing field that you can win Gophers" or "it's ONLY a game" ? If trying to keep up with the SEC is kind of a foolish thing to do, why not just join the MAC or go FCS and just worry about our conference games? I thought you played to try to be the best? Urban Meyer won't win nationally without recruiting the south. Same for all the B1G schools. We have to hope Coach Kill can find a couple of players that have slipped through the cracks, build them up and coach them up and surprise some people. Win some more games - get better recruits. But we'll always have to build them up and coach them up. But we eventually have to try to compete with the best otherwise we will fall even further behind and the B1G will be behind the MAC.

eyeintheskySep. 28, 1212:13 AM

It is be who you are...what you you are as you work to improve. It is win enough games so that you get invited to a bowl game and play some of those sec teams on a neutral field and kick the snot out of them the way the Gophers did when they took on Arkansas and Alabama. You don't get all worried and kow-tow to the stacked and loaded almighty sec at just the point in time your own Big Ten Season is FINALLY starting. You enjoy the 2012 Big Ten Football season. You apologize to no one. Because, after all it IS just a game. And you work to improve your own program and you worry ONLY about your own program. You focus on making the Golden Gophers a better football team and you really don't give a rip about any team from any other conference. focus on iowa...Northwestern...MSU...Michigan...Nebraska...Illinois...Purdue and wisky. Why give a rip about Alabama? We are NOT going to play Alabama in 2012. So, why the heck should I care about Alabama? I ONLY care about the teams that my Gophers will play in 2012. IF the Gophers get invited to a bowl game this season and they draw an opponent from the sec...then and ONLY then will I care about any team in the sec. Personally, I don't suffer from sensory overload by watching every game played in every conference. I only care about the teams the Gophers play and how the Gophers do against those teams. I'm all about building Minnesota's players up and coaching them up. And that is ALL that I am about as a Golden Gopher...Big Ten College Football Fan. I could care less what happens in the sec...the Big Twelve...the Pac Ten or anywhere else. I just want to watch Big Ten Football for the next 8 or 9 weeks. football is JUST a game... ; 0 )

editor29Sep. 28, 12 7:41 AM

As Lou Holtz once said of recruiting when he was the Gopher's coach, "We'll have to get the heart and soul from the state of Minnesota. However, we'll have to get the arms and legs from somewhere else."

moretaxesnowSep. 28, 1210:19 AM

Duh! It's because all of the B1G schools need to build new stadiums. That's what Sid, the U of M exec's and alumni, and all the other rubes have hammered into us for the past 10 years. Build a new stadium, go millions into debt and all will be perfect.

purelogicSep. 28, 1210:56 AM

Another minor, albeit important issue is the academic standards the Big Ten has. With the exception of Vanderbilt, the SEC schools are basically high school II. The focus at almost all of those schools is football, where the Big Ten actually has an agenda of creating productive members of society. Look where the transfers go that flunk out of Big Ten schools... the SEC.

littlebigboySep. 28, 1212:16 PM

The Big Ten has the hightest entrance requirements too!!! The SEC Big 12 etc let anyone in and keep alot of idiots in.

kerchiefSep. 28, 1212:48 PM

Doesn't Michigan have the #1 recruiting class lined up so far?

loop80Sep. 28, 12 3:56 PM

Does anyone have the guts to say why the south and southeast have better, faster players?

eyeintheskySep. 28, 12 4:28 PM

Why worry about fantasy football recruiting envy the way the people who subscribe to the fantasy football rankings. They tend to suffer from sec envy...national championship envy and want the blessing of the fantasy football recruiting ranking hucksters for the team they say they like so much. Why spend time being envious when Big Ten Football is just kicking off it's season? Why be miserable because the team isn't Alabama or LSU or some other place that is not Minnesota in the year 2012. Where the heck were some of those teams back in the 30's and 40's any way? Maybe some of their fans had Minnesota envy...or Michigan wannabeitis...or THE Ohio STATE's got the BEST BAND IN THE LAND National Championship blues and ALL the recruits from ANYPLACE that OSU wants them to be from signing loi's and we don't complex. Look: I'm a Gopher Football Fan. The year is 2012. The program is working hard to get better and life is neither fair OR easy. I've got a really nice stadium to watch the Gophers play in and I am seeing a LOT of effort coming from the kids on the field. I am hopeful that the Gophers will qualify for a bowl game. Personally, that is ALL the football I need. Good luck to Alabama. Best wishes to Oregon. The Big Ten (B1G now) may struggle...have some ups and some downs...But I LIKE Big Ten Football. SEC football...Big Twelve Football...ACC Football...independent Football... Pac Ten Football is fine if you like to waste your entire fall suffering "other conference" envy. As for me...I think the B1G will most likely survive. Some years will be better than other years and in the goes on. And so it goes... Bea iowa Gophers! ; 0 )


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