Mississippi River at its healthiest in a generation

  • Article by: JOSEPHINE MARCOTTY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 27, 2012 - 11:53 PM

Findings released Thursday show that decades of effort have reduced the flow of industrial pollutants, storm water runoff and human waste.

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goldmundSep. 27, 1210:46 AM

This is good news, although as the article indicates, we have a long way to go. The Clean Water Act was and continues to be a legislative milestone for protecting the public's health from corporate malfeasance, as important as the Civil Rights Act of the 1960s. It was the result of decades of hard work on the part of environmentists and environmental advocacy groups. Republicans in congress want to reverse all these gains by gutting the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts. We must oppose them!

jatsmithSep. 27, 1211:01 AM

"Cleaner than ever" seems to ignore what many of us ignore: "Before Europeans came" was not that long ago and in general the people of that time respected the environment, land and rivers.

ninetyninerSep. 27, 1211:11 AM

This is good news. We should aspire to preserve and protect our environment rather than exploit and destroy it, as the corporate wonks would want us to do. Having healthy and vibrant communities within the Twin Cities and the state as a whole will attract people and businesses to our state. Lets keep innovating on how to further clean up our air, water, and soil!!

ruphinaSep. 27, 1211:16 AM

"increased by up to 250%" is meaningless without both a Parts Per Billion comparison and a toxic level finding. Also "up to" can be one random unrepeatable sample; it leaves a lot of room for variance. Bill G.

datelessnerdSep. 27, 1211:19 AM

The Republicans who want to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency are insane. As we know, the EPA was founded by that lefty tree-hugger Richard Nixon. There is no "right" or "freedom" to pollute our air and water, and to do so serves nothing but short-term greed. In the long run, the costs of pollution and cleanup and much greater than of keeping our environment clean in the first place!

angel123Sep. 27, 1211:25 AM

glad the river is a little better health wise, now if we could only do something about the people that walk their dogs along the river and dont clean up after them. we stopped one day this summer to sit and enjoy the river view near Plymouth Ave., but had a very hard time finding a clean place to sit and then had second thoughts of sitting surrounded by dog doo. Yes, some do clean, but not enough of dog owners do doo.

SUMMITSep. 27, 1211:27 AM

An example of good government working correctly. Our environment should be protected and we need to be mindful of the FACT government works.

rockoftruthSep. 27, 1211:35 AM

Do not forget to thank the Zebra Muzzle's.

pwnzorSep. 27, 1211:42 AM

The Strib has a unique way in its stories of saying, "hey, look at this -- things are getting better EXCEPT THEY'RE WORSE THAN EVER BEFORE BY 250%"

songczarSep. 27, 1211:49 AM

Your headline says "cleaner than ever", but the report says in a generation. Please correct.


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