Voter beware: Claims used to tout ID are fishy

  • Article by: JOAN GROWE
  • Updated: September 27, 2012 - 6:31 PM

Former Secretary of State Joan Growe is fed up with what she sees as misleading claims.

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lukesfatherSep. 26, 12 7:01 PM

I probably vote 80% Democrat and simply don't understand why requiring an ID is so scary. Get yourself an ID if you want to vote, it really isn't that hard. Presuming voter fraud hasn't occurred in the past, let's take measures to avoid the future potential.

elmore1Sep. 26, 12 7:15 PM

Joan, I think that you and Ritchie are taking this too personal. The incremental improvements to the voting process make sense to most of us and I am always in favor of continuous improvement and modernization. Let's move forward.

nopensionSep. 26, 12 7:29 PM

Why is it that the people most likely to brag about their patriotism and say they are for freedom can support a voter ID law which will deny so many legally registered citizens their right to vote? This laws is designed to restrict rights, not expand them. It is a hurdle. It is a barrier.

drmyeyesSep. 26, 12 7:29 PM

Preserving the sanctity of the electoral system from even one illegal vote makes all of this worthwhile. Anyone who wants an ID can get one - don't let liberals tell you that people that vote for democrats are not intelligent enough to obtain an ID. Unbelievably condescending to their own comrades.

IowadudeSep. 26, 12 7:43 PM

Anyone who wants to get a proper ID can get an ID to vote. Requiring someone to be a legal citizen and voter is not discriminatory against any citizen's rights. The only people who benefit from lax voter ID laws are those who are trying to vote illegally, multiple times, or are felons or not even American citizens. As an American citizen, my government knows who I am, where I live, what I earn, how much I pay in taxes, and yes, that I am a registered voter. This is a good law for our country, for our integrity in the vote, and for our future as a nation. People who should legally vote, should be allowed to vote, and I'm for protecting each and every one of our citizen's rights to be heard. Let's make certain, however, they're American citizens and are casting their vote legally.

peanutmanSep. 26, 12 7:45 PM

Republicans are scrambling for their votes. They are now turning to shady tactics as a last resort in order to hang on to their seats which they obtained in 2010 election that they 'won' while campaigning on the jobs issue; but which they abandoned once in office and instead turned their efforts to meaningless social issues in order to appease their extremist right wing.

wplettfanSep. 26, 12 7:59 PM

If all of these supposed fraudulent votes went for conservatives would there be a problem then? I don't think your typical convicted felon gives a rip about voting, much less going through the effort to fraudulently vote. It's not broken people, no need to waste our time and tax money fixing it.

connnerSep. 26, 12 8:08 PM

Requiring an ID is a good idea. Requiring it to vote IS NOT. It has never been needed. It will create cost and problems for voters. The founding fathers never had one. We don't need it now. This is a scam to eliminate voters.

IowadudeSep. 26, 12 8:09 PM

Peanutman;"Republicans are scrambling for their votes. They are now turning to shady tactics as a last resort..." There is nothing shady about requiring voters to obey the nation's laws. The only shadiness going on here is on the part of liberals who are seeking to allow illegals and other non-registered people vote. All this law would do is uphold the consititution and American citizens' rights. For the record, I couldn't care less if all the republicans in Minnesota from the last election lost their seats or not ... this is an issue about integrity, and opposing voter ID shows a desire to promote voter fraud and lack of integrity of our constitution.

IowadudeSep. 26, 12 8:12 PM

wplettfan; "If all of these supposed fraudulent votes went for conservatives would there be a problem then?" ... absolutely there would be a problem. If there is fraudulent voting for republicans, independents, socialists, libertarians, or any candidate there is a problem. As someone who is a registered independent, but usually votes conservative/republican, I would strongly support recalling any candidate of any party who benefits from voter fraud ... and I can't understand why anyone of any party would think otherwise.


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