NHL, locked-out players to resume bargaining in New York Friday in 1st talks since Sept. 12

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  • Updated: September 25, 2012 - 8:35 PM
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goalieguruSep. 25, 12 2:24 PM

Wow, both sides must be quite certain that there still needs to be some "cooling off" before any kind of discussion around the issues that will settle the agreement can take place. It's kind of sad to think that they need to "ease" into the economic discussions, which is what this sounds like. Well, probably no hockey until December at the earliest - if at all.

jabuyerSep. 25, 12 3:17 PM

Whatever you think about this, you gotta think that the Fehr Bros./Bettman and Co. are wracking up some major frequent flyer miles. I'm guessing they are Platinum Elite VIP status, or whatever they call it. Don't worry about me heading to the coach cabin boys, I'm used to it.

firefly70Sep. 25, 12 8:11 PM

"Players think management's alleged financial problems could be addressed by re-examining the teams' revenue-sharing formula.":__ Re-examining the revenue-sharing formula can only help so much. If a team is losing money (like Columbus has for at least 6-7 years), giving money from the richer teams to help subsidize the poorer teams can help them only for so long. Eventually the teams that keep losing money hand-over-fist, need to figure a way to become profitable (i.e. competitive). Currently, with the 'fixed' spending floor in place, teams like Columbus are FORCED to spend money they really can't afford to. I don't know that doing away with the spending floor altogether is the answer, but it sure doesn't seem to be helping, either.

misternoallSep. 25, 12 9:28 PM

@ Mister Firefly @ Mister Buyer.... I think its best for negotiations if the players think of revenue sharing as not their business, that is the owners and Mister Bettmans business, take some time to thank Mister Fehr for his suggestion but tell him your not looking for his advice Unless your looking to hire a shrewd baseball union guy..... The big question I have for the players at this stage of the game is why do you think that your entitled to more of the revenue pie in comparison to the owners???? From an outsider looking in, you the players got 57% and the owners got 43% in the past, it appears to me that the players are getting a heck of a deal Mister Buyer, it also appears to me the owners feel angry about that. I say, unless I am missing something here, the owners should be angry and draw a line in the sand. After I say all of this Mister Firefly, the way to get this done is to arrive at 50/50, common negotiating terms between people, probably works here....... If you think my poster lacks content, tell me why it would be fair for the players to get more revenue percentage compared to the owners...... Signed Mister Know it all

privateeyeSep. 26, 12 8:43 AM

If you think my poster lacks content, tell me why it would be fair for the players to get more revenue percentage compared to the owners---your logic is flawed. Tell the liquor store owner that the producer of the product he purchased and marked up doesn't deserve 95% of the total price. The players are a commodity. their value is not an arbitrary number. I think the owners had their chance when they negotiated in 2004 and got concessions from the players. The players were told this is what it takes to make the game healthy and profitable. Now they come back wanting more? The owners nned to concede and end this thing. If Columbus is not profitable, it should fold.

jakemanoSep. 26, 12 9:18 AM

According to Forbes, 5 NHL teams made a combined total of $212M in 2010-11. The other 25 teams lost $86M. Phoenix and Columbus are the biggest losers and should either relocate (Quebec should have a team) or fold. In my opinion, the league was better with 21 teams. Along with the size of goalie pads, the level of skill among players on the ice has dropped. We now have guys that are goons that play 6-10 minutes of a game. Goons of the past, Tiger Williams, Willi Plett, Al Secord, even Chris Nilan could also play the game and score goals. Too many 4th liners now, cannot score. But, when it is all said and done...just get the deal done! Drop the puck you idiots!

jakemanoSep. 26, 12 9:38 AM

I meant that goalie pads are larger and scoring is down because of that AND less skill. Lost my train of thought in mid-type. Age is kicking in!

firefly70Sep. 26, 12 2:58 PM

@privateye:__ Respectfully, your logic is a little bit off. The liquor store owner has already paid for the product from the vendor and can mark it up as much as he feels is reasonable to allow HIM to make a profit (keeping in mind he needs to pay rent/lease of his space, payroll for his employees, taxes to local/state/federal govt, utilities, etc). The vendor has already gotten their money and therefor their revenue/profits. Now it would be like if the vendor came back and said to the liquor store owner that they want a share of money earned ALSO (nevermind actual profits, they want ANOTHER share of money derived from the sales of their liquor) on top of the money they had already received in the first place from the purchase of their product. That would be a more accurate analogy of the NHL owners and the players. The players ALREADY receive their contract money from the owners (when they are not on strike), ALONG with their share of the GROSS REVENUE - not a share of PROFITS, but revenue. A big difference between gross revenue and profits.

pacmannickSep. 27, 12 1:50 PM

Canncelled the season Go timberwolves

palme322Sep. 27, 12 2:12 PM

Split it 50/50


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