Transit cops on wrong track, audit says

  • Article by: PAT DOYLE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 22, 2012 - 10:17 PM

Draft audit says the force has many problems and hasn't kept up with its growing responsibilities.

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sickdog1674Sep. 22, 1211:07 PM

I see them all the time during the day, but at night they disappear and rarely seen during busy times in troubled areas

nejd059Sep. 22, 1211:54 PM

Officers feel that many of the tasks required of them detract from their image as professional police officers ... MTPD members report being referred to and described as ...'bus cops.'"---------------seriously??? They are transit cops and that's what they do. Haven't any of these guys ridden public transportation in any other major metro areas? That's what transit cops do. And they are regarded professionally. Check with other transit police agencies and find out what most of their time is spent doing. It's not riding around in cars looking for something to do. If the transit cops want to be municipal cops, they should go to work for Minneapolis or St. Paul.

raleighmamaSep. 23, 1212:27 AM

The problem is that there are too many police departments in Minneapolis with the Minneapolis Police, Park Police, UofM Police, Transit Police, and all this can be confusing to a crime victim who needs help and an crime investigated. Way too much money is spent on separate police departments. Minneapolis should have ONE police department that handles all police matters in the City of Minneapolis.

cjlov99Sep. 23, 12 3:20 AM

I have a feeling they already make this route a priority...but there should be an undercover or uniformed officer on the 5 at all times (or as much as feasibly possible) and they will always make an impact.

cadguymarkSep. 23, 12 3:29 AM

I have personally seen them allow women, children and families off on fare checks, but if you are male, and especially a black male, don't expect any favors. They let 2 white families off on the fare check that got off with me at the Bloomington station before Mall of America, it would have been a hefty fine and gone a long way to deter fare cheaters. I can understand them letting kids go, but adults who obviously can pay?

dorkeemnSep. 23, 12 6:56 AM

Thank you Raleighmama - You beat me to it. I've seen transit cops make traffic stops - no where near a bus route or stop. And I routinely see more of them cruising around than Mpls Cops. Way too many cops and not enough enforcement. Since transit covers multiple cities - I'd merge them into the Hennepin County Sheriffs department along with the Park Police.

vikesgr8fanSep. 23, 12 8:47 AM

@cjlov99, I stopped riding the number 5 from South Mpls to downtown and back every day because I always felt like every ride could be my last. I never felt safe no matter what time I rode it. Too many thugs and ill-mannered people on that route.

jbpaperSep. 23, 12 9:04 AM

raleighmama, dorkeemn; I'm in partial agreement with you, the park police definitely and maybe the U of M should be combined with Mpls. However, you need to keep transit separate. Not only does transit operate in multiple cities, it also operates in multiple counties. Just think of how many different depts you would need riding the Northstar considering it currently goes through several cities and 3 counties.

timandtiaSep. 23, 12 9:19 AM

Make them full fledged police officers.

rickbmnSep. 23, 12 9:21 AM

Is anyone really surprised? Mass tranist in the metro is a joke. A highly-subsidized boondogle promoted and promulgated by the unelected Met Council. And didn't they just select a new (crony) chief at a high salary? The whole thing stinks!


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