Fast, furious and foolish

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  • Updated: September 21, 2012 - 11:28 AM

Report says there was no evidence that Attorney General Eric Holder Jr. knew of the risky operation until after it was shut down in 2011.

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dvsdan123Sep. 21, 1211:40 AM

If he did not know, he should have known what was going on in his own department. To quote Harry S. Truman. "The buck stops here."

ranger78Sep. 21, 1211:47 AM

One major caveat from the lead investigator himself. They did not have access to anything the White House claimed executive priviledge on. Witnesses, records, emails, etc., were off limits. I guess one can openly wonder what's being hidden and that this remains an incomplete investigation.

pumiceSep. 21, 1211:53 AM

Lessons learned from the article: "Holder had better embrace the report as stark evidence for thorough repair of the department's reputation. Something as half-baked as Operation Fast and Furious should never have been concocted in the name of law enforcement." The article indicates that several high-ranking officials have resigned or retired and that further investigation and possible disciplinary action be pursued for "at least a dozen current Justice Department and ATF officials." General Holder has lessons to learn, as does Representative Issa, conspiracy-theory-propounder extraordinaire, who took partisanship to new levels with his suggestion that "what they really were thinking of was in fact to use this walking of guns in order to promote an assault weapons ban."

pumiceSep. 21, 1212:01 PM

Re: "If [Holder] did not know, he should have known what was going on in his own department." Did General Gonzales know about the similar 2006 gun-trafficking program, dvsdan123? If so, why did he not alert his successors?

ranger1873Sep. 21, 1212:01 PM

News flash: Eric Holder's Justice Department finds Eric Holder blameless. Color me shocked. The IG's report says Holder wasn't notified until February of the program but he was telling Issa's committee in March that he didn't know what was going on. When the lies are so transparent that people start laughing, it's time for a change. There is no question that if a Republican were in office, his AG would have been long gone over this.

pumiceSep. 21, 1212:05 PM

According to the article, the headline "Fast, furious and foolish" applies to Rep. Issa's accusations as well as to the actual operation.

mike2636Sep. 21, 1212:12 PM

The investigation states Holder did not have direct knowledge. But the investigation did not have the chance to review the 73K pages of documents hidden from them under sham of "executive priviledge." Well any fool would know that you don't withhold info unless you believe it will cause damage to you. In other words the investigation while helpful can't be a true and complete evaluation when you're denied evidence. I would be willing to bet a years salary the 73K pages being hidden would clearly show that Mr. Holder knew exaclty what was going on as it was happening. If it didn't they wouldn't withhold it. I don't buy the AG pleading "stupid," and people don't hide things unless they are afraid to reveal them. It's basic human nature. Additionally it did not create "risk," it created DEATH for at least one law enforcement agent and God knows how many innocent citizens of Mexico and the USA. And without doubt these guns will kill even more people for a long time to come.

leftistdorkSep. 21, 1212:27 PM

I am not buying the Plausible Denyability story. The White House buried the Witnesses, records, emails, etc. Something big and dirty is being swept under the rug by the Obama administration. Something Obama does not want to be exposed until after the election.

sbuzz16Sep. 21, 1212:34 PM

I always thought that Issa was the criminal. His record proves that!

maxxwellSep. 21, 1212:35 PM

If Holder didn't know he is incompetent. If he did know he is criminal. Either way he is responsible just not held accountable. To pumice: You may want to look at the fairly stark differences between the 2 operations.


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