Census report: Slow economy puts young Minnesota lives on hold

  • Article by: JEREMY OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 20, 2012 - 8:59 AM

Even as Minnesota outpaces the nation when it comes to jobs, prospects are tough for those in their 20s, a new census report says.

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holymooseSep. 20, 1212:00 AM

Just as the most talented european young people have been forced to emigrate to find work, while millions more are mired in unemployment or underemployment, our best and brightest kids will need to leave Minnesota and perhaps the United States for economies less burdened by entitlements, taxes and seething resentment againt creative, skilled and hard working individuals. Kids, there are still places in the world where your gifts will be recognized for the blessings that they are. Hong Kong and Taiwan come to mind.

arielbenderSep. 20, 1212:49 AM

Wow, people sure have short memories. I walked out of college in 1980 right into the middle of a recession with 7.5% UE rate and rising. You know what? I didn't get the job I wanted either, but my wife and I pieced together employment that paid our bills, worked our way up and managed to enjoy out lives until things turned around. And holymoose, there is no seething resentment against creative, hardworking people. I'm one of them, as are most people that don't share you soundbite, divisive ideology that you so desperately want to perpetrate.

huggybear28Sep. 20, 1212:57 AM

This story exactly explains why the whole student loan interest debate from last year was the wrong issue to discuss. First, people in their 20's need to realize their issue is not student loans interest, it is the cost of college. Second, it's the economy. The highest unemployment rate since the great depression for people this age and many are living with mom and dad instead of getting a chance to work and live on their own. If people had a decent economy with a chance for better jobs with good benefits in their early twenty's then they wouldn't need a law telling insurance companies they can stay on their parent's insurance.

ande7897Sep. 20, 12 3:55 AM

There was a theme in this story...every student's major that was unemployed was in communications. Just because you have a degree doesn't mean you're qualified for a job. There are A LOT of jobs out there. Kids think they deserve their dream job right out of school. I am in my mid 20s and went back and got my Master's in Engineering so I could get the job I wanted. Do an informational interview to find out the facts, are people needed in this field, what quilfications do I need to get this job, are there other paths I can take to get the job, etc. Stop whining, you got a bad degree so you're going to have to work harder to get a job that pays more. Your communications degree was a bad investment and you have to live with that!! This quote says it all "I'm not sure if it's the economy," she said. "People say ... there are more jobs out there to be had. I'm not seeing it. I'm looking every day on LinkedIn, Craigslist, the St. Thomas jobs board, and I'm just not seeing a lot of things that are a fit for me." The key to her statement was "fit for me." The first job you get might not be a "fit for you," but you don't have to do that job forever!

sirboomSep. 20, 12 6:05 AM

I agree with ande. A "Communications" degree is the marketing degree for people who didn't get into or washed out of the business school (or didn't even try to). Our businesses don't need Communications majors. Anyone who is a good communicator, regardless of their college major, can be in communications in a company. Some people want to do communications work, and more power to them, but anyone who gets this major needs to accept that they will find it very difficult to find a job.

kleindropperSep. 20, 12 6:40 AM

Elections have consequences.

cbaycottageSep. 20, 12 6:48 AM

The economy is tough, but too many of these kids have degrees that are no better than high school diplomas. Going to college for the sake of saying you did it gets you nothing.

cks1950Sep. 20, 12 6:49 AM

As the president correctly pointed out..."elections have consequences." so, If president Blame without a clue or a plan wins re-election, there will be much consolation that young people, probably having voted for him again in large numbers will bare the brunt of a ever slowing economy. Like someone else has said, if he should win re-election, just think of the economic mess he inherited this time.

shans2centsSep. 20, 12 7:19 AM

I have a degree in communications... heck, I even have a masters degree in communications. I am qualified for a lot of jobs.... granted they all involve saying, "you want fries with that?" Parents need to educate their kids on the types of degrees that are necessary and dissuade them from going into fields that are useless. Actually, colleges shouldn’t be allowed to offer useless degree programs. I was the second out of 56 cousins to go to college. The advice I received was, “it doesn’t matter what you get a degree in as long as you have a 4 year degree”. WRONG!

Truckman182Sep. 20, 12 7:38 AM

My wife and I graduated from an MIAC school with mountains of debt in the mid 1990's. We both could not find jobs in our chosen profession right away. Therefore we both worked entry level jobs and I was a food delivery driver at night. Sometimes on weekends I worked temp jobs in a factory to make ends meet. None of those jobs were all that appealing but they were stepping stones in life. Eventually I was able to get into my profession. I have owned my own business for 12 years and am hiring the next generation of workers. I am sad to say I cannot believe some of their worker mentality. They think they should be rewarded for the most basic things. This is a culture of entitlement that has been fostered for quite some time. The real world doesn't work like that. You can't expect to get out of college and for all to find $60,000 a year jobs straight out of the gate. Whoever is telling these young kids this is seriously misleading them.


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