Wild lockout blocks flow of hockey dollars

  • Article by: ROCHELLE OLSON , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 18, 2012 - 8:07 AM

St. Paul took a hit to the tune of $60 million during the last NHL lockout -- not to mention the buzz downtown on game days.

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tailgaterSep. 18, 12 6:33 AM

This is why you don't build public stadiums. If the Twin Cities would not have brought back a hockey team then we wouldn't have this problem.

murphydogSep. 18, 12 7:02 AM

The NHL and the players sure give a rip about the 60 million being lost by the business's.

moparfoolSep. 18, 12 7:06 AM

The money that is not spent in St. Paul due to this lockout gets spent elsewhere, so the net economic effect in the area is zero. Some businesses win,some lose, but it evens out. This lockout is in the "who cares" category - rich owners and highly paid players fighting over money.

tailgaterSep. 18, 12 7:24 AM

The Xcel Energy Center was a huge waste of money and this just proves it. When teams can dictate your revenue stream to "pay back" the cost associated with it then it's a bad idea. There is no reason to have public money spent on these arenas. If you really need to see a football, hockey, or concert you can easily just drive to Chicago where they're dumb enough to waste public dollars on these venues.

ahugginkissSep. 18, 12 7:33 AM

" If you really need to see a football, hockey, or concert you can easily just drive to Chicago where they're dumb enough to waste public dollars on these venues." - Yes, it's THAT easy to drive to Chicago.

samiamSep. 18, 12 7:53 AM

But I thought Sports Facilities don't have an economic impact? Sounds like the X has paid for itself many times over.

tailgaterSep. 18, 12 8:33 AM

@ahuggsinkiss "Yes, it's THAT easy to drive to Chicago." Um... yes it is. You know that I-94 that you probably drive on multiple times a week? Well guess what interstate also goes through chicago? You don't even have to change roads!

mattyiceSep. 18, 12 8:42 AM

who cares, its hockey

rshacklefordSep. 18, 1210:51 AM

Founded in 1933, Yarusso's won't get nicked badly from the Wild. "That wouldn't be a good business model to rely on one other business," Yarusso said." ---- As someone earlier wrote, the money gets spent elsewhere so some businesses win and some lose. Obviously, Yarusso figured out this genius-level problem. So too did the owners who thought of opening something up around the metrodome with 10 games per year in it. There is NOTHING THERE! Here is the solution, if DAYTON can give hundreds of millions to New Jersey boy Wilf, he can make up for the lost money from a different sport not being played, right? It is what he does best - supply ultra wealthy owners of entertainment troupes with free money.

commonsens4uSep. 18, 1211:00 AM

The Xcel Center opened in 2000 when the Wild franchise came to St. Paul. How did local businesses ever survive prior to 2000? They will be just fine without the NHL.


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