The worst foreign-policy president since Reagan?

  • Article by: STEVE CHAPMAN , Creator's Syndicate
  • Updated: September 18, 2012 - 10:37 AM

Mitt Romney falls back on an obsolete charge.

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drichmnSep. 17, 12 8:01 PM

The two wars that Bush started certainly didn't deter violent protests like this one. Never heard any conservatives calling him weak even when he actually did apologize for the Quran burning and that anti-Islam cartoon. It's only okay if you're a Republican.

shooterzSep. 17, 1210:07 PM

And here I thought this article was going to be about the actual administration currently in charge who got four Americans killed due to incompetence and failure in intelligence.

goldengoph3rSep. 17, 1210:37 PM

Obama has been an incredibly effective foreign policy president and has earned a good measure of respect from world leaders. On the other hand, Mitt Romney's foray into world politics was barely a day old when he managed to insult a close ally's preparations for the Olympics and ended up mocked by both the English PM and the mayor of London. And they are conservative politicians. Romney, stick with what you're good at and go back to Bain.

JRBSep. 17, 1210:44 PM

The Obama administration's foreign policy approach in the Middle East has proven to be a disaster. Despite all of Obama's past apologies you see violent protests against America in almost every nation as they sense weakness and retreat. All of Obama's apologizing on behalf of American citizens has obviously backfired big time, and it will take years - and a new president - to restore our credibility.

drichmnSep. 17, 1211:25 PM

"violent protests against America in almost every nation as they sense weakness and retreat." .... so how could it be that Bush's ME wars didn't stop violent protests or embassy attacks either??

omnipresentSep. 18, 1212:00 AM

Obama has never ONCE "apologized", yet this right wing lie circulates on these boards dozens of time a day. Provide even ONE quote in which the president apologized. Just ONE. I've been issuing this challenge daily and, to date, not one righty has responded. Guess I'll have to just wait? It also make no sense to say that Obama's responsible for 1500 years of Middle East violence and unrest. The Arab Spring brought with it increased chaos, as new governmental systems are trying to get a grip. History has shown us that new governments mean more volatility and there is simply no reasonable way that this or any president can have power over this kind of chaos.

erikj3Sep. 18, 1212:37 AM

Willard needs to be asked, repeatedly, when Obama has apologized for America or appeased our enemies. One example of each. Of course, even given that he's wrong, Rmoney won't stop repeating his little talking point. Gotta keep the base enraged!

comment229Sep. 18, 12 5:41 AM

Further, in recent weeks, there has been a lot of rhetoric about Obama's position on Israel relative to Romneys. I will be blunt. More and more Americans are seeing Netanyahu and Israel as less than an ally. Romney is in their corner for one and only one reason. Care to guess what that reason is?

comment229Sep. 18, 12 5:48 AM

I thought the article was fair and well written. Some people honestly believe that the president controls the entire world; hardly the case. I would be a terrible foreign policy expert, simply because I am opposed to all aid to foreign countries. Simply, it is a bribe to some leaders. There are several areas of the world that are best left alone as well. Ask the Russians; we haven't learned yet. Some of us remember the lessons of Vietnam; some haven't. And finally, I would demand that Israel figure out a mutually agreed upon homeland for the Palestinians without the help of anyone in the USA. How many times have we been shown a photo of the president with a peace accord, and yet the same problems exist over and over. I support Israel to a degree, but they have taken advantage of the USA for too long. It is time for them and especially Netanyahu, to figure a few things out for themselves. Peace will not be accomplished in this region, until Palestine is created.

sarahanneSep. 18, 12 5:49 AM

The weak foreign policy has been 50 years in the making. When we propped up dictators who we thought were good to us but they disregarded their own people. If we had pressured them to use our aid to create an economic system that thrived instead of just enriching those in power these riots would not be going on now.


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