Labor feud puts Wild buzz on hold

  • Article by: MICHAEL RUSSO , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 15, 2012 - 11:27 AM

Two months after team signed pair of elite players, NHL is on verge of lockout.

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IntoblivionSep. 14, 1210:48 PM

I agree with Mr. Fehr, teams really are silly to have so many other expenses. I mean, chartered travel? Hotel rooms? Massage therapists, training staff, catered meals, and exercise facilities? Get this, they even put a roof on the locker rooms and heat it! Mr. Bettman, this is hockey not ice ballet.

mnhockey99aSep. 14, 1211:38 PM

As a first time Wild season ticket holder this year, I'm EXTREMELY disappointed with the NHL owners and with Gary Bettman. The owners are taking a hard line stance instead of treating this as a partnership.. which is evident by 1. the decision to immediately lock out if a deal isn't reached and 2. by the constant rebuffs of the NHLPA's offers. A partnership is a negotiation to come to the middle.. you win on some things, you lose on some things. The owners want to win on everything at the expense of not only the players, but of the fans and the businesses and employees of those businesses that count on hockey for revenue. The owners could easily extend the current CBA for a year and negotiate while the this season is played.. they just chose not to. SHAME ON YOU OWNERS..... SHAME ON YOU GARY BETTMAN!! If this lockout continues too long, I'll be getting a full refund and spending my money elsewhere. Maybe if enough people take similar steps, the NHL owners will get the hint that we aren't going to put up with this any longer.

mnhockey99aSep. 14, 1211:53 PM

@Michael Russo - I think you should post the contact information (emails, Twitter names, phone #s, etc.) of Gary Bettman and all of the NHL owners. Maybe thousands of emails, Tweets, and phone calls will help them "see the light".

ecknbeckSep. 15, 12 7:30 AM

So, the Wild didn't make any money for the past 4 years, but yet signed Parise to a very lucrative 98 million dollar contract? Am I missing something here?

camwildSep. 15, 12 7:53 AM

Craig's wife Helen is the daughter of Samuel Johnson, S.C. Johnson company. They have plenty of money and so far he is out $20 million to Praise and Suter. No matter which side you are on, this is bad for the sport of hockey. The players and owners have enough money to ride this out and the longer this goes on, the more it will cost them to get the fans back. The worst part of all of this mess is we don't get to read Russo this winter!

minneg56Sep. 15, 12 8:06 AM

Unnbelieveable. NHL must stand for No Honest Logic! They lost an entire SEASON during the last strike. This time- the entire FAN BASE is at risk for many years- if not permanently. Anyone who has either worked for someone else or owned a businees- even as an independent contractor, registered rep, mfg. rep etc. knows the nexus of labor & management issues- owner & producer issues. One hallmark of successful business operations (interpersonal relations too) is to keep the 'dirty laundry' behind closed doors and not bring it to the streets! As a hockey fan I implore the Russian KHL to engage a a series of North American exhibitions and then plant down stakes - ala WHA & WHL. One bright spot- for new draftees & rookies- they won't be forced to play a level higher than they are capable based on a clubs' 'return on investment' needs. On the very down side- they may not have a 'major league' to play in when they are ready.

nomedsSep. 15, 12 8:21 AM

It's funny to watch the elite, both sides, fight over money. Greed, Greed, it will never stop.

Lifeguard06Sep. 15, 12 8:23 AM

Bettman needs to go, failures in relocating 3rd lockout of his tenure.

ml1snyderSep. 15, 1210:19 AM

I agree with Lifeguard06; Bettman needs to be run out of town after this is settled. He is the worst pro sports commisioner, next to Bud Selig (MLB), who is an owner himself. Bettman is nothing more than a puppet of the owners. Work stoppages and failed franchises have hall-marked his tenure. He has brokered deals to bring frnachises to citys where there shouldn't be NHL teams; a setup for failure (Atlanta, Nashville, Phoenix, Miami). He has over-expanded to the point that teams are losing money, but refuses to fix the situation for those teams. He reiterates that it is the player's salaries that are the root evil of all the NHL's problems. No sir, it is not. The root evil lies at the top of the mountain. Bettman must go!

StarquestSep. 15, 1211:15 AM

I remember (barely) the hockey strike back in 94 or 95. David Spade on SNL was saying -- correctly -- that they should not complain because nobody really needs hockey players. No one ever says, "Emergency! Quick! I need a doctor, a nurse, and a guy who can skate backwards!"


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