List of 2011 Hennepin County employee overtime

  • Article by: Dave Braunger
  • Updated: September 17, 2012 - 9:21 AM

Here's a list showing overtime pay for Hennepin County employees in 2011, including gross pay and the percentage change in overtime pay from the previous year.

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wulffie22Sep. 16, 12 7:20 PM

Wonder how long before they pull this article? I am guessing it will pretty much disappear from the on line edition before too many get a chance to look it over. Looks like the sheriff's dept and transportation have figured out how to milk the system. Also appears to invalidate the argument that the private sector pays so much better than the public one. Would be interested to see what the cost of benefits is. County commissioners should be embarassed and voted out of office. One more thing, I see some of the names were with held...I bet just about everyone on the list would like to have that option.

rayk1800Sep. 16, 12 8:38 PM

Seems pretty typical for government. Private industry would find a way to lower the amount of overtime. Better to hire staff if you really need it. I'm better 50% of the overtime listed wouldn't be really required.

minnniceSep. 16, 12 9:55 PM

government employees are the real 1%ers. I work 60 hours a week and get no overtime. Occupy Hennepin County!!!

fwallenSep. 17, 12 7:09 AM

I wish I could vote in the county. There is no excuse for this. I expect the people who are approving this are sharing in the spoils. The County Board with a majority vote to put a moratorium on OT could end this nightmare and get control of the finances. Zero based budgeting should be routine. When will the citizen voters say "no mas?"

PLarson1972Sep. 17, 12 9:39 AM

Here's the obvious question that I haven't seen asked here: Why, in this time when so many talented engineers are looking for work, do we continue to approve overtime? Why isn't this work contracted at a minimum, or added as legitimate positions? If we're paying so much overtime, the work must need to be done.

banne1955Sep. 17, 12 9:41 AM

Seriously?? I understand that sometimes OT is required, but it looks to me like most of them are management-type employees. If they were salaried, the OT issue would be virtually eliminated. Interestingly, if they WERE salaried they would probably perform all of their duties within their 40 hour week. Funny how that works!

songczarSep. 17, 1211:06 AM

Looks like it's a good time to be a sheriff in Henn. County. You'll notice a similar pattern for police when city numbers are released. Just remember, they ALWAYS need more money and will always talk about how they will have to let police go if they don't get that money. Shakedown.

takethisSep. 17, 1211:11 AM

A classic example of enept management because it is tax dollars being spent. The county board should be appalled, and the tax payers of Hennipen county should be calling them often.

rangesonSep. 17, 1211:19 AM

None of you have ever done a payroll before, have you? At least not for a company that offers benefits like insurance. Why do you think so many are willing to pay overtime or hire cheap temps? Because the cost of health care in this country is ruining us! So much cheaper to pay the overtime, sadly! Besides, one would think the writer would have at least made an attempt to find out WHAT THEY WERE WORKING ON, WHEN THEY ACCRUED THE OT?? Maybe it was for something critical?

hecklesSep. 17, 1212:03 PM

Disgusting! With our economy and government and the people suffering on the streets. We complain about free lunches in school, I have seen more negative comments about hungry children being fed than people that have probably even cared to read this. Even the people on the lower end made more in over time alone than some people live off of. Give us all a living wage, instead of overtime, hire more people to do the job...This is disturbing


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