Cat in condo? OK. Companion dog? No way

  • Article by: DAN BROWNING , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 14, 2012 - 6:59 AM
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aanen1Sep. 13, 12 9:51 PM

She most likely knew the condo didn't allow dogs when she moved in there. Sorry, but they have a right to refuse pets if they so choose. People may live there BECAUSE dogs aren't allowed. To allow this woman to have a dog would not be fair to the other tenants.

akhmn1Sep. 13, 1210:04 PM

Okay, I'm not going to speak to the issue of disability. It's completely separate and I think the condo association should be mindful of using a legal strategy of suggesting that the woman is faking a disability. Nevertheless, as a cat owner, I can tell you 8 out of 10 times my cat will come running to the door every time I come home UNLESS she is already at the door because she heard me. She flops at my feet and is incredibly disappointed if I don't pet her. The idea that cat's aren't affectionate is pretty lame, and frankly stupid.

bythebeachSep. 13, 1210:11 PM

With their stalling tactics (asking for proof that she's disabled and then not believing it, suggesting a cat is just as good as a dog even though you can't walk a cat), I think it's more likely that someone on the board is either a cat lady or really hates dogs.

avistasucksSep. 13, 1210:27 PM

1- Article identifies woman as longtime resident of complex. It further states that conditions have developed from falls occurring in 2006 and 2010. Further, the requests for the exception date back only 18 months. I think we can rule that she was an established resident. 2- No one is saying that cats aren't affectionate. The issue is that dogs are dramatically more effective. They require more attention and they require love in a different way than cats. Additionally, the dog will be waiting at the door ten out of ten times. That additional faithfulness and consistency makes the dog a dramatically more potent therapeutic tool. (I say this as someone with three cats and a dog that we adopted using a therapy-animal exception)

bailey122Sep. 13, 1210:32 PM

Cats don't bark. That's the key difference justifying why cats are allowed and dogs aren't. I live in a single family home, and my next door neighbor has 2 small Maltese dogs. They bark continuously. I would not like to share a common wall with them. I'm sorry for the woman's disability, but she needs to move to an apartment that will accomodate her needs. Also, my cat greets me at the door every day when I return home from work.

northbordersSep. 13, 1211:03 PM

They allow this and then you would have people getting "papers" for "service dogs" of all types, even for those without a disability.

elguevon1Sep. 13, 1211:09 PM

Cats are completely worthless pets. They do NOTHING! Get a dog people!!!

raleighmamaSep. 13, 1211:22 PM

If she was blind would they insist she get a seeing-eye-cat? If she was in a wheelchair would they only allow a service cat? There is a specific documented reasons dogs are used for companion and therapy animals. The Calhoun-Isles Condominium Association better get their check book ready, and their pen better have plenty of ink.

maryjfb73Sep. 13, 1211:23 PM

I agree with avistasucks. In addition, for a person who tends to isolate herself, walking a dog will get her outside in the community. It will get her active.

varthlokkurSep. 13, 1211:29 PM

Condo association leaders are made up of little Hitlers. They don't have any power in real life so they need these board to make them feel powerful.


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