New twist on Vikings tailgating: A 2-block party along the rails

  • Article by: RICHARD MERYHEW , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 14, 2012 - 7:25 AM

Minneapolis is experimenting with ways to make Vikings game day a more vibrant experience.

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liberaleliteSep. 13, 12 7:28 PM

Food trucks? Alright. How about in 2016 the city closes some streets adjacent to the stadium and charges for tailgating spots in the street, instead of the current plans which knock down buildings that are used every day to be replaced by asphalt lots that are to be used for tailgating 10 days a year. Tailgaiting is cool, but we don't need to knock down buildings to make space for it.

dtmonkeyboySep. 13, 12 7:59 PM

The current plan does not knock down any fact Minneapolis has a moratorium on surface parking lots downtown..the visual the Vikings used to sell the stadium showed buildings that you could see the stadium. The expectation is actually that many of the lots will be developed near the stadium.

lumpermanSep. 13, 12 8:05 PM

That's not tailgating! Just more ridiculously high priced vendors getting $8.50 for a beer and junk food from a maggot wagon. Open up parking lots allowing grills, coolers and mingling. That is tailgating!!! Mayor RT Reject is a nimrod. Don't forget how hard he fought against the stadium for years. He then stuck his nose in the pie after he found it would be political suicide not too. If he really cares about "Fan Fun", order up some port-a-potties and let people enjoy themselves with food and drink of their choice that they brought with them.

billybillySep. 13, 12 8:05 PM

"The expectation is actually that many of the lots will be developed near the stadium."..............That will NEVER happen, unless Wilf does it himself. Nobody wants to live next to one of those things. Nothing has developed around Target Field except the Ford Building and that is owned by Pohlad. I guarantee that the bar that finally opened kitty corner from TF will fail also.

felsiteSep. 13, 12 8:32 PM

Lumperman it appears you are unfamiliar with current variety of food trucks in the cities. They vary from fresh roast beef sandwiches, gourmet tacos, lobster rolls and whole host of fresh prepared foods. Nothing like the 'maggot wagons' you envision.

erikj3Sep. 13, 12 8:53 PM

"Come on down and tailgate,"...IE, get wasted and throw your trash all over the streets and many parking lots downtown. One more reason not to go downtown at all.

jeffthompsonSep. 13, 12 9:08 PM

Whenever one of these stories is published, I can't wait to read the comments. Hilarious. People get so worked up. Seriously, lighten up. Life is too short.

sluggo220Sep. 13, 12 9:12 PM

Kudos to Rybak for trying something different. It actually sounds like a good idea.

lumpermanSep. 13, 12 9:28 PM

Felsite Yes I am very aware of the Assortment of purchases that can be made by the food trucks. But it still defeats the purpose. It is simply a money generating plan for the city. Now they get their piece of the pie too with licensing fees etc. I have a better idea, set up toilets, rent a dumpster for coal, and trash and even recycle if you believe in it. Let people set up lawn chairs, play catch, and visit with any food they decide to bring. $20 parking fee should more than cover the cost. Enough greed already do you realize they are getting over $200.00 for a case of beer? We are like sheep blindly going to slaughter... wake up, stop the madness...Old school tail gating is what it should be all about.

luvsfootballSep. 13, 12 9:33 PM

Ooh wow! How fun...How pathetic!


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