U says it will freeze tuition if state OKs more funding

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: October 12, 2012 - 10:50 AM

Regents will vote next month on 2-year, $1.18 billion request.

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elmore1Sep. 13, 1211:39 AM

We shouldn't pay the U for "accountability". They should already be accountable as part of their current mission.

bane64Sep. 13, 1211:44 AM

What is the definition of extortion again. Why is it the tax payer always loses when government is involved in negotiations.

gcrileySep. 13, 1211:51 AM

Hey U, how about cleaning up your books before asking for more money?

ranger78Sep. 13, 1211:51 AM

Before they get any new money, they should be required to do a line by line audit of their entire budget. Tell us where all the money is going. Then set the priorities. We the tax payers are long past due a full accounting of this institution. This is what accountability looks like in the real world. In the fantasy land known as the U of MN, they haven't been held accountable to the tax payers in decades. Enough already.

furguson11Sep. 13, 1212:07 PM

Tuition accounts for 24% of the U's $3.5 billion dollar proposed 2013 budget. State support is only 16%. I'm trying to figure out the math where only $14 million gets you to a tuition freeze. They must be planning on freezing tuition anyhow.

furguson11Sep. 13, 1212:13 PM

The U must see the writing on the wall for the next biennium. The current state budget was balanced with $1.4 billion in borrowing from the schools and tobacco money. This money will not be available next biennium, leaving a structural deficit even if sales and income tax revenues have picked up somewhat. They'll be on the chopping block as usual, so this is an early defensive position.

randrworksSep. 13, 1212:57 PM

For 20 million, I'll bet they will turn over the pictures and the audio tape. Are you morons serious? Keep in mind that it is OUR money you bone heads are "playing" with.

elmore1Sep. 13, 12 1:29 PM

Kaler quotes a 13-1 ROI to the state of Minnesota to justify the U. Why don't we give them 500mm? Seems like a no brainer to me. They can singlehandedly drive our econmy.

marathongirlSep. 13, 12 2:00 PM

The claim on providing more financial aid is a joke too. So what they are going to provide more students with loans that they can't pay back because they got a useless degree and can't find a job after paying an arm and a leg for it. This is the same university that also is raising tuition on the programs that DO produce jobs...that are good programs (ie the Carlson school and Engineering as two), that allows them to keep tuition low in the underwater basket weaving and other degrees that people take and can't get jobs from. More accountability through the institution, more and better information out to students that are attending and requirements in money management classes for all incoming students. I was at an ATM today and my bank had a message saying "watch your student loans, don't take out more than you need so you don't have so much to pay back"...I mean really...you need to tell people that?

J_DubyaSep. 13, 12 2:01 PM

I love this. Let's start putting the blame where it belongs. Tuition has gone up for many reasons, but one big one is because lawmakers have failed to provide adequate funding for higher education. Now if we can find a way to pin rising property taxes on the legislature (mostly the fault of republicans and former governor Pawlenty) we'll really get things moving forward!


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