Pro: Predation rates show control is necessary

  • Article by: TONY CORNISH , (As told to Dennis Anderson)
  • Updated: September 11, 2012 - 11:52 PM
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fishing341Sep. 11, 12 8:25 PM

Leave Northern Mn and the National Forests there to the animals they are meant for. Plenty of good farm land in Southern Mn. $170K in reimbursements for livestock isn't much. You can't live in the wilderness and not expect to rub elbows with critters, just like you can't live in New Orleans and not expect to get flooded out of your home. As humans, we can't pretend to control or own this planet. If a farmer catches a wolf attacking his cattle and shoots it, so be it. Full scale hunt on all wolves won't necessarily solve the farmers' problem if the right wolves aren't shot.

mule52Sep. 12, 12 6:45 AM

Thanks for the great article Tony. It is refreshing to hear the truth about wolves!

ontheroadagnSep. 12, 12 7:33 AM

I would change the sentance about too many people and livstock in wolf country to too many wolves in livstock and farm country, when the cost to man goes up because of a predator then the predator must be eliminated, period

trout2Sep. 12, 12 9:23 AM

What's the total number of livestock killed by weather each in year within the territory of wolves in Minnesota? Let's compare that number (and dollar value) to the total number (and dollar value) to the number of confirmed wolf kills. If they are truly concerned about the killing of livestock, weather conditions and protection of livestock from the harsh conditions should be the focus.

whodotcomSep. 12, 1210:52 AM

ontheroadagn: Maybe it's the man that needs to be eliminated.

grmdnnSep. 12, 12 6:10 PM

The statement disputing the adage of wolves killing old and wounded prey is misguided. That only refers to the wolfs natural prey. A cow or sheep is low hanging fruit to a wolf. Problem wolves are dealt with and farmers compensated when the wolf is proven to be guilty of livestock predation. What happens when you allow a hunt on non-problem wolves? The packs are stressed, and the wolves turn to easy prey: LIVESTOCK. This hunt is not based on solid science or economics.

voner26Sep. 13, 12 9:45 AM

Good story from someone who has the knowledge of the wolf's habits. I have deer hunted for over 60 years and have no desire to shoot a wolf. We have seen many changes over the years as the wolves have gradually lost their fear of man. I agree that after this season they will learn quickly that you can't come out in the open anymore as in previous deer seasons or you will be killed. We could have each shot several of them in recent years had we wanted to as they have come within easy shooting distance of our deer stands and just stood there and stared at you. They have totally lost their fear of man which will mean the death of many of them. I do not trust them when walking in the woods near dusk so now carry a loaded gun as I walk out. I know in Northeastern Minnesota pelts will be much easier to get during deer season for those that want them and can shoot accurately.

lyugorskiSep. 13, 12 9:47 AM

The other important thing to keep in mind here is that Dennis Anderson selected who to feature in these pieces. Just because a non-DNR or wild life professional wasn't featured in the con article doesn't mean there wasn't one to be found. It means that Dennis Anderson chose not to interview them. And I think it's quite clear based on Mr. Anderson's article yesterday that his bias is pro-wolf hunt. All journalists have biases. But they should not withhold these biases as they attempt to pass of their journalism as solely investigative and fact-based.

blueskydaySep. 13, 12 1:23 PM

Good for Representative Cornish's consituents to know where he stands on the wolf hunt. Where does your representative stand? November 3 can't come soon enough. Vote Wolves!

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