U ponders future of its golf course

  • Article by: JENNA ROSS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 11, 2012 - 12:18 AM

Should 1929 course and condemned clubhouse be fixed or make way for another use? A decision is expected this fall.

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reidSep. 10, 12 9:03 PM

As soon as the edges get eaten up by development, it is gone. Never to be had again. I think it would be similar to developing Central Park. There certainly is pressure for more building and development spots in NYC, so why not sacrifice that green space, too? Older elegant Universities are all faced with pressure to build new facilities, but please don't touch one square inch of the rare treasure that is open area, whether it be a park, a walking path, a golf course or whatever. Gone is gone. Don't start.

StarquestSep. 10, 12 9:31 PM

@reid I also hope it remains green, but I don't know that it rises to the significance of Central Park.

twincitizen1Sep. 10, 1210:04 PM

While I appreciate the sentiment that not every square inch of land should be developed, we are a long ways from Midtown Manhattan and Central Park to be making that analogy. This would be a great location for housing AND a park. There are more than enough golf courses in the Roseville area to compensate for the loss of one (and not a very good one it sounds like). This course is not even remotely connected to the campus and as the story says, it's not even good enough to be used competitively by the U's golf teams. This is a great area, and not because of a golf course on busy Larpenteur Avenue. I say look in to developing the land with a nice mix of homes, apartments, and public park space. As a student, I don't think I should be subsidizing someone's golf with my already sky-high tuition.

gvflorenceSep. 10, 1210:09 PM

I am a big Gopher fan. I love the course. About fifteen years ago, I was on the 18th tee, looked up at the bench between the teeboxes of 18, 3 and 9, and saw an old man sitting there with a bowtie. I greeted him, we exchanged a couple of pleasantries, I looked back to my buddy and said, “Karl, come up here and…” then I turned back to the bench and he was nowhere to be found. I swear it was the ghost of Les Bolstad. I don’t know if the original Les wore a bowtie, but he was nowhere in sight in a flash. One of the strangest things I’ve ever experienced. No alcohol or drugs involved. That said, buy (or have donated) tee times for the GOPHER team at local public and private courses, then develop the U course into thousands of units of close-in, sustainable, on-mass transit line high density housing.

emdurksSep. 10, 1210:30 PM

The old classic courses are falling by the wayside to the new upscale courses in the outer suburbs. Save Les Bolstad!

DufferHSep. 10, 1210:33 PM

It is one of the few sports venues at the U, students can actually use. Any talk of destroying it is ridiculous considering how much has been spent on the team-sport venues. Once again students don't appear to be very on the U's set of priorities.

markeyboySep. 10, 1210:42 PM

Potential expansion space has already been eaten up by the soccer field/seating...does the course really need a driving range?

nonewtaxesSep. 10, 1210:45 PM

Save the course, but where did they come up with a price of 19.5 million? Tom Lehman can do a fabulous renovation for 5.0 million or less. There is no need for an elaborate clubhouse, it is not a country club, but a golf course with great traditions. A little common sense please!

lewylewySep. 10, 1211:05 PM

A university without a golf course would be like a university without a football team. Plow It Under!

billybillySep. 10, 1211:08 PM

"It is one of the few sports venues at the U, students can actually use." ..........Then why don't they? The reason is, golf is slowly dying off. The new generation is much more active than the last (I am 67). After the baby boomers die off there will be an enormous drop in participation, and I don't think anyone can dispute that. Minneapolis P&R is looking hard at their 7 courses. The problem closing one is similar. People living next to the courses (NIMBY's) are the squeekiest wheels and don't want 'their' space changed. Eventually the cost differential is going to force the change, like it or not.


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