Offices go to the dogs

  • Article by: BILL WARD , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 11, 2012 - 8:38 AM

More companies -- even large ones -- are welcoming fine furry friends to the workplace.

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vegasgalSep. 10, 12 4:49 PM

So people with severe allergies simply need not apply? Works well in this ecomony where there are 25 workers for each job. Still I wouldn't want to work somewhere that valued dogs more than the contributions of humans.

ldahlkeSep. 10, 12 7:15 PM

Not happening were I work, guarentee you that much...

yolie1Sep. 10, 12 7:20 PM

For vegasgal: You got it right. Don't apply. I've walked this world with a much more serious illness than severe allergies and learned that it's not all about me. What brings joy to one person is the bane of another's existence. Enjoying life and fitting in isn't about being a Scrooge and snuffing out other people's fun. It's about finding where you belong instead of focusing on the places where you don't. Let other people have fun with their dogs. Not your cup of tea, but so what? Smile!

jeffportSep. 11, 12 3:45 AM

I sure hope they put of their job descriptions that this is a dog Kennel. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but if it's a requirement for job employment that i hang out with dogs all day, I wonder just how many people have either not applied for a job with the company or not been hired because of their allergies to dogs/animals.. hhmmm.. I wonder if there is a discrimination lawsuit down the road if a non-hired person reads this story.. FYI folks, I'm not really against this practice but... My daughter is very allergic to dogs to the point of asthma attack and could die. She could never work for this company. Also, with dogs needing to be walked, feed, potty breaks etc.. How much employee is lost because of the dogs? And to yolie1,it isn't just about you either!! Other people are involved as well. Some people have their medical issues, have family to support, bills to pay, retirement to get too. Get off your high/low horse and think about society as a whole. You sound like you are 65 and out of the work environment and that means you do not have a grasp on today's real world working environments.

tunesmithSep. 11, 12 7:20 AM

So, when one of the dogs bites somebody in the workplace, who's liable? The dog owner, or the company, for permitting a hazard in the workplace? I once worked at a place where a manager routinely brought in two Irish wolfhounds. Those dogs are HUGE - and very intimidating. Not at all appropriate in a work environment.

doorstopSep. 11, 12 7:32 AM

I would love to be able to bring my dog to work, and she would do great. But something the article and the other commenters failed to mention was how to handle instituting a dogs-allowed policy at a company. It's one thing to say people with allergies need not apply, but what if you start allowing dogs and you have current employees with allergies?

stjohnsonSep. 11, 12 8:02 AM

What's next - cats? lizards? snakes? birds? As a parent of four kids, it is bad enough to concentrate on 'bring your kids to work day' let alone having to listen to and smell animals all day.

rschuytSep. 11, 12 8:37 AM

Nice! Allergies? Go find a job somewhere else. Scared of dogs? To bad, deal with it. You were there before the dogs? Tough. My work place allows dogs and I know for a fact there are people working here that are in both these categories. Ask them what they think about the dogs at work and you'll hear the words hostile work environment.

maryjfb73Sep. 11, 12 9:31 AM

I think it's fine if the dogs are well behaved. We have people who bring their dogs sometimes and they're well-behaved. We only have one person who complained and she complains about everything and everyone.

esayerSep. 11, 1210:14 AM

I'll take a dog over a human every time.


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