Photo ID edict could hit 215,000 Minnesota voters

  • Article by: JIM RAGSDALE , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 8, 2012 - 10:09 PM

Elderly, poor and students among those most affected by a photo requirement.

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borisbadenovSep. 8, 12 8:06 PM

There will always be one or two sob stories told to incite those that want to make this an emotional issue. Anyone who truly wants to be a part of the voting process can be a part of the voting process. All these silly straw-man arguments have been raised repeatedly and none hold any validity.

mh1982Sep. 8, 12 8:11 PM

It's not an "edict." It would be a voter-approved referendum. Star-Tribune, hang your head in shame.

obamasdreamySep. 8, 12 8:15 PM

Yawn. Let's let the voters decide.

pinky1933Sep. 8, 12 8:25 PM

i struggle with this one a bit; however, after reading the research - which clearly indicates that voter fraud is rare - it's becoming more clear to me that this is just a ruse by the GOP to suppress votes - i.e a solution where there's not no empirical evidence of a problem.

KBORGYSep. 8, 12 8:25 PM

What about all the students in th U.S. double voting? Absentee ballot from their home state and vouching in another state that they attend college. Anyone that is 18 years old should leave your house with an ID - for many reasons, including medical for the elderly and homeless.

mccsSep. 8, 12 8:26 PM

So, you have to have an ID to: buy beer, cigarettes, even see a doctor amongst countless other things. Tell me how the poor and minorities aren't doing those things? They are. So how is this any different?!

stanjohnsonSep. 8, 12 8:26 PM

Thank you star-tribune for your balanced story that shows how the voter ID law is really a strategic way for the conservatives to limit the number of voter, many of whom would likely vote liberal. The voter ID law is really a clever and strategic conservative strategy to make Minneosota a conservative, "red," state.

navynuke86Sep. 8, 12 8:28 PM

Is this a campaign ad or an ojbective news story? How come we don't ever get a news story about how Voter ID could insure elections won by razor thin margins were won with valid votes? How much did Franken beat Coleman by? With elections that close it would be nice to know the results were valid.

chaachiSep. 8, 12 8:35 PM

Notice how the one person had to get an id to go on a cruise? If this law had been enacted sooner she could have gone, because she would have gotten a valid id already because voting is so important to her. This law will help lots of people AND ensure valid elections! A double bonus!

statikSep. 8, 12 8:37 PM

This quote from Bill Clinton sums the question of voter ID up concisely: "Do you really want to live in a country where one party is so desperate to win the White House that they go around trying to make it harder for people to vote if they're people of color, poor people or first generation immigrants?"


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