Minnesota job growth tainted by low wages

  • Article by: ADAM BELZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 8, 2012 - 9:31 PM

The traditional middle class is finding it harder to find jobs that will help support a household.

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wplettfanSep. 8, 1210:05 PM

I'm guessing Dayton will get slammed for these low paying jobs being created on his watch. If Romney creates the same type jobs they will be proof of how "wonderful" he is.

speedgibsonSep. 8, 1210:25 PM

Under Bush/Pawlenty, complaints of "hamburger flipper" jobs abounded, GOP certainly to blame. Under Obama/Dayton, these same pundits are now puzzled. Surely it can't be the high costs (Obamacare), high regulation (Dodd-Frank), and above all, the uncertainty that, er, taints this Administration.

donm251Sep. 8, 1210:30 PM

This article provides more proof that Obama's economic recovery plan hasn't worked for almost 4 years.

highlife75Sep. 8, 1210:43 PM

Why, when I read this article do I see Obama shaking his fist saying "Our plan worked"? Employment works like the economy, supply and demand, or you could just say Obama has created a fantastic case of "trickle up poverty"....remeber the private sector is doin just fine, even if they didn't build it!

werecomingSep. 8, 1210:57 PM

Wonder why? Could it be more rules, regulations, forced health care plan? Small business was the #1 job creator of the 2000-2010 decade.. More and more are closing and I wouldn't open a business if you guarenteed me $70k... Your choice... if you vote the current adminstration don't cry when your job disappears or small businesses close.. ~

jgoff21Sep. 8, 1211:28 PM

As a small business owner I would love to pay my employees a higher wage. But every time I turn around the government is taking more and more of my businesses income whether it is through higher workers comp rates, unemployment taxes I have to pay, or new regulations and the unknown cost of what obamacare is going to cost us. How do we pay our employees more when we can't raise our prices to our customers.

sickdog1674Sep. 8, 1211:29 PM

I used to be a machinist making over $25/hr, now they are saying there is a shortage of machinist and most are wanting to pay $12-$15/hr for a job that can be sent overseas in a heartbeat, that is what happened to my job and I see the company trying to hire new workers because the Chinese deal didn't work out

bignellyxxSep. 9, 1212:40 AM

Why are low wages and a shrinking middle class a surprising concept to us? We were once a hard working Industrialized country with no real competitors. Now we are a finance based economy with an undereducated workforce bent propping up our large corporations which will ultimately be trumped and bought by our foreign competitors.

aviendhaSep. 9, 12 1:38 AM

You would think that with the lowest business taxes in the Western world and health care benefits that the employee subsidizes through his own work, with wages having taken a trip back to 1993, with millions of unemployed college graduates and with productivity and profits at an all-time high, businesses would have a smorgasbord of qualified candidates to choose from and opportunities ripe for expansion. But no, I see they all just want to blame Obama because wage-earners still expect a return for their labor and their educational investment. Look at people whining about the cost of Obamacare when a) it hasn't even been enacted yet and b) it will reduce costs. I guess you people just won't be happy until you can start locking people into sweatshops for 15 hours a day at a buck an hour, huh?

april24Sep. 9, 12 1:39 AM

Yeah...it's Obama. Please. Who is in power in congress where things can truly get done? Oh, that's right, Republicans. Also, still complaining about health care? Someday, when those of you who complain about it and you are in a situation where you need it, you will thank God that others had the foresight to pass healthcare legislation. Arrogance doesn't let understand that now, but you will someday.


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