Democrats are slow to embrace outside money

  • Article by: COREY MITCHELL , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 8, 2012 - 6:43 AM

Obama is relying on an effort to woo big donors, close funding gap.

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jcinmnSep. 7, 1210:44 PM

The amount spent on political campaigns, especially the presidency, has been obscene for decades and is only getting worse. How much money is sitting in the federal treasury from the presidential check off on our 1040 forms? Have candidates refused this money so they could raise exorbitant amounts since Bill Clinton or George W Bush? Oh that we could put a stop to it. Last heard, the Democrats had 22 million donors this campaign contributing regularly. If we could get that many volunteers making phone calls and knocking on doors we wouldn't need to raise the kind of money the Super Pacs are spending on Romney. I only hope that an Obama victory this year shows corporate and wealthy America that Money can't buy love.

highlife75Sep. 7, 1210:51 PM

Man you would think that the Soviet Union would give Obama a couple Billion, his promise to disarm the US and leave them with a 10:1 warhead superiority would save them many more Billions? Also can belive the Unions are not sending back more laundered tax payer money they were given by the semi load?

motomanSep. 7, 1210:59 PM

Democrats are slow period, and so are republicans. Our 2 party system is rigged show business, so why don't you start telling people that?

atmplsmnSep. 7, 1211:07 PM

"National Republicans have a massive fundraising lead that Democrats fear could swing the tide of the presidential election come November." Yes, that's the excuse Dems will offer when the Obama presidency passes into one-term history. How accommodating of the Strib to do their advance work for them.

donm251Sep. 7, 1211:11 PM

Fact check time: The Dems only raised $5M for Obama during the convention and extended a $10M LOC to cover convention costs. In essence, they're $10M in the hole.

birdpeepSep. 7, 1211:18 PM

absolute propaganda. Obama is getting hundreds on millions of in kind contributions from 90% of newspapers in the country, all the television networks, CNN, CNBC, MTV, public radio and public television. That's not even counting the hundreds of millions from george soros, public employee and teacher unions communist china and yes, Russia and many anti-Israel countries across the mid east. Obama has a twenty to one advantage in cash and news stories over Romney. tHe forces trying to bring down freedom and capitalism inside and outside of this country are well financed.

feelingmnguySep. 7, 1211:59 PM

There should be transparency in campaign financing. I don't care so much about the amounts; I care about the who. We should have the right to know who is using money to influence our politicians. We don't need millions of dollars in capital funding to get a job that pays fractions on the dollar of that funding. It's a bad investment. How can we trust any elected officials to make wise choices with our public tax dollars if we don't know who has been purchasing influence?

localguySep. 8, 12 7:00 AM

Wealthy Democrats feel that everyone should have an equal voice in a democracy. Wealthy Republicans are operating under no such handicap. And, since the Republicans represent the interests of the 1% (and many of them are members), it’s hardly surprising that they’re in a position to buy the presidency. This is not what the Founding Fathers had in mind.

twinsajsfSep. 8, 12 7:08 AM

Given the current state of the economy/unemployment, combined with the Citizens United decision, this race should already be over. Could you imagine what a landslide this would be if Romney was even half as personally compelling and inspirational as Obama. The bottom-line is that Americans neither like nor trust Romney, and so, quite unbelievebly, he still might actually lose this election. As they say, truth is stranger than fiction.

dentesterSep. 8, 12 7:15 AM

Seems to me that Obama was bragging last year about how he was going to have a "billion dollar" war chest. But that's ok, rich New York and Hollywood democrats like George Clooney have been holding fundraisers in Europe, which supposedly is illegal, so they'll be ok.


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