Don't settle for political parties' distortions

  • Article by: Tim Penny, Tom Horner
  • Updated: September 9, 2012 - 6:34 PM

There are places to find truthful information on taxes, budgets, jobs.

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whallingSep. 9, 12 7:31 AM

Governments do not "create jobs" unless a government actually hires a person to work for it. Otherwise, governments do set some of the parameters within which businesses operate and create jobs. Thus, it is a blatant lie for Obama to say he created 4.5 million jobs. We should look at the government policies that relate to job growth. Are government regulations and rules over business prohibitive to business, and yes, Obama's are prohibitive. A job is created when a company hires a person into a new job. So, whenever Obama touts that he created jobs, you should say "you did not build that job". As a fact, the number of people employed in America right now is the lowest in 31 years - that is a fact that is easy to understand and provable.

stephenkrizSep. 9, 12 7:32 AM

Yet another false narrative about how "both political parties" are equally to blame for the mess that is our state and political landscape. Utterly untrue. Let's call a spade a spade and note that it is the right-wing that has an entire "news" network on TV whose only job is to spread lies, misinformation and half-truths 24/7/365. It is the right-wing who lied us into two wars that should never have been fought and which are the real reason this country is bankrupt. It is the right-wing who distorts the science of climate change, energy policy and taxation so that the average citizen is so confused and misinformed that they think we have a limitless supply of oil and that Obama raised their taxes, when in fact he lowered them! No, there is only one political party that shamelessly lies and distorts the truth and works tirelessly to undermine the electoral process and that is the Republican Party!

hobie2Sep. 9, 12 8:43 AM

"Few of [the Democrats] will acknowledge that Minnesotans already pay 50 percent more in individual income taxes than the national average,".... Who cares? Seriously?... First, if the people make more than most states, you will pay more individual income taxes. (In Federal income tax by state, which is a flat table, Minnesotans do pay more because they make more). I like making more.. Second, I could care less about individual income taxes - I do, however, have a care about total taxes paid to the state. Minnesota is (and was before Pawlenty) middle of the road. Given we have a pretty good state for services, I think I'm getting my money's worth compared most other states... Third, it is who pays the taxes and the cost per MN resident that is the telling number- that number had Minnesota in the mid 40s out of 50 (before early Pawlenty) as to cost of state government per state citizen. People from out of state pay some of our taxes. Works for me... And for our 46th ranking in per capita state tax cost, and our making more money to pay more individual taxes, what do we get? Top 5 in roads, infrastructure, services, standard of living, parks, recreation, and things other states can only dream of. How's those bike trails in Mississippi; the parks in Texas; the theatre and the arts in Wyoming; West Virginia, and Louisiana; medical care in Arizona and Kansas? It's not what we pay in individual income tax - it's what we pay in taxes and what we get for it to make our lives richer.

hobie2Sep. 9, 12 8:48 AM

"Thus, it is a blatant lie for Obama to say he created 4.5 million jobs."... But not a lie for Romney to say he will create 12 million jobs?... Oh, good heavens! No! You mean that Romney is telling the truth, and he will hire 12 million people into the Federal government?... He has to be stopped before he out debts Bush and Reagan combined!!.. Or, Romney is telling "a blatant lie" about his 12 million jobs.

garkolSep. 9, 12 9:13 AM

I grew up In a Minnesota that had the highest state taxes in the country. We also had the best health care, education and one of the highest average incomes. We have lost ground in these measure since the conservative/Republican resurgence. I went to college with a tuition of $1500 or less a quarter. I could afford to change my major and spend another year in college. I got the opportunity to attend Mayo Medical School because the state subsidized the school and held seats for state residence. I paid $3200 to $8000 dollar a year tuition. The U of M Medical school tuition and fees is closer to $36,000 dollars a year now. I am now one of the 3%ers and paying a tax rate closer to what my working class parents paid back then. Please raise my taxes and put us back on top.

owatonnabillSep. 9, 12 9:51 AM

The article assumes that voters want facts. I submit that in large part this is not true. Voters want to hear things that support their point of view. Why do you think that Joe Voter is prepared to accept the grossest lies and distortions made by HIS chosen champion, while pooh-poohing anything that comes out of the mouth of the opposition? Joe Voter doesn't want facts. He wants validation for points of view already arrived at. And Congressman/Senator/Governor/Whatever Windjammer will go right along merrily supplying that validation. The only casualty is the truth, after all.

jeffportSep. 9, 12 3:38 PM

The top 10% of Americans pay 90% of the Federal income taxes. This is a fact. Everybody should be paying some sort of Federal income tax that is not returned through rebate. It's called having Skin in the Game. Fix the tax code for all.

justsayinSep. 9, 12 4:03 PM

owatonnabill - I agree. A recent Gallup poll showed that 46% of Americans believe the earth is less than 10,000 years. It's unfathomable but true. So not only does Joe Voter not want facts, he is utterly incapable of processing them. That's why so few even batted an eye when Paul Ryan's nose grew 3 feet during the convention.

tnugentSep. 9, 12 4:06 PM

More effective job creation solutions would emphasize workforce education, investments in infrastructure, support for research and capital to jump-start growth industries, and streamlining government regulations. It is the kind of comprehensive approach that innovative initiatives like Greater MSP (the Twin Cities regional economic development partnership) are advocating.

This opinion must be wrong? Mr Obama and the Democratic Party is campaigning that the way to create jobs is to give tax credits to the poor, tax the rich, hire more police and Firefighters and extend unemployment benefits...

JudelingSep. 9, 12 4:12 PM

Mr Horner and Mr Penny Voters must also look beyond the simple false both sides do it equally meme you seem to be pushing. The entire rational of the mushy middle is that compromise is possible. It is not when one party refuses to give even a bit. You argue that the minority party in the legislature sat by. Was it not more the case that they put aside in the policy crafting? History has shown recently that one party is always willing to compromise as long as they get something in the deal. Unfortunately the Republican party both locally and nationally is not.


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