On tap at Gophers football stadium: $7.25 beer at 8 tents

  • Article by: MIKE KASZUBA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 7, 2012 - 6:38 AM

University unveils its football alcohol policy.

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holstjSep. 6, 1210:42 PM

U is worried about adults making purchases, how about we get adults to run the operations instead of a nanny??

IntoblivionSep. 6, 1210:44 PM

That a way, stick it to those fools who attend!

adamske20Sep. 6, 1210:48 PM

The science and engineering students are too busy studying to attend football games and the liberal arts students could care less. Most of the students resent the surcharge they're paying on their activity fees to support a sport they have no interest in. It's a sport for the frats and rich alums.

rshacklefordSep. 6, 1210:51 PM

So, those in the premium seats will be treated equally to those who are not, right? That is what started this whole debate: equality. They too will have to hump it down to the "public beer/wine area," show their ID, have a cop check on their suite often to make sure no alcohol gets to some kid in the suite, etc? With the issue of "underage drinking" seemingly so darn important to the U's admin people, they had better have a plan in place for EVERYONE. Otherwise, I request to know how the U will magically know everyone is of age in those suites.

tjohnson125Sep. 6, 1210:52 PM

Really? What is with all of the rules and the "gestapo" security? Maybe attendance keeps dropping because they made the place suck. It's like going to that friends house to watch the game and every time you set a drink down, or put your feet up - they freak out. Yeah, lots of fun. Legalize and sell MJ and there will be no need for security.

user27Sep. 6, 1211:27 PM

Great! Now I have spend the whole first half of the game fighting through crowds of people to walk across to the complete opposite end of the stadium, pay $14.50 for 2 beers and get back in line to get more since they will be done by the time the line will get to the front again.

USweet1USep. 6, 1211:36 PM

What, they couldn't make ends meet at $7 so they had to add another quarter to break even. Is 900% markup really necessary?

garagewineSep. 6, 1211:36 PM

Only $7.25 a beer? Where do I line up? [eyeroll]

atlmikeSep. 6, 1211:46 PM

it's not like they're selling dollar beers at target field. at least these profits go back to the school. and football isn't a dying sport. fans will show up to watch a good team. they did it for basketball in the past, they do it for hockey. bigger venue will take time.

RossbergSep. 6, 1211:50 PM

This is a very resentful and grudging acceptance of a forced compromise with the Legislature in order to get liquor into the suites which they have been unable to rent out. This arrangement has obviously been crudely engineered in such a way as to ensure that it will be as difficult and uninviting as possible to have a beer or glass of wine unless you are wealthy enough to afford preferred seating. Since none of this was ever a problem at the Metrodome it's disconcerting to see an attitude of intolerance and prejudgement take root at the U's facilities. If you go into this with the attitude that heavy surveillance is necessary in order to ensure compliance with your manufactured rules and everyone feels that watchful eyes are scrutinizing their every move this will just add to the many reasons why attendance keeps going down and the stadium is turning out to be a complete failure.


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