Vikings secondary might have time to age

  • Article by: MARK CRAIG , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 6, 2012 - 12:53 PM

The Vikings' young defensive backfield could catch a break early in the season because it'll face several young QBs, too.

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thetruthincSep. 5, 1211:04 PM

If you believe the viking's secondary is going to catch some sort of break because they face young NFL QBs early in the season then professional football is not what you should be writing about. This viking secondary is amongst the worst in the league and every NFL coach knows it just like they have for the past three seasons. The vikings secondary will not be getting any breaks from any team and will be challenged early and often every game they play because everyone knows the vikings can and will be beat through the air week in and week out. To suggest anything else is taking a short-cut to thinking!!!

ladykasSep. 6, 1212:02 AM

How can you call them the worst in the league when you haven't really seen them play. They have to be better than last year. Wait and see.

slick5090Sep. 6, 1212:07 AM

You know whats even funnier ladykas is that just 2 years ago their pass defense was ranked 10th in the NFL, so I don't know how anyone can state that they have had the worst pass defense for the last 3 years. It's funny how the "gloomy fans" have such selective memories!

footballubetSep. 6, 12 2:06 AM

All that is left to say about that first comment is that to think rookie quarterbacks can always torch 'bad' or rookie secondaries is taking a short-cut to thinking. First, Allen and Robison will force some bad throws from the rookies. Second, we've already seen in the preseason that Harrison Smith has some skills and Josh Robinson has great make up speed. Plus Cook is back, so expect to see a pick six or two. Maybe even by Allen jumping out in pass protection. If you know even a little about the NFL, you know teams love to go up against a rookie QB.

comment229Sep. 6, 12 4:43 AM

thetruthinc: I tend to agree with you, and those that say "wait and see" because thetruthinc speculated; well the author of this article did the exact same thing. I am not sure you could put an all star defensive backfield out there, but with the vikings linebackers and defensive philosophy, not much is going to change. Why is it that you cannot even see the safeties in the defensive camera angle? I could go on and believe me, I hope I am wrong, but between that and the offensive sets "giving away" the play and predictability and lack of a deep passing game stretching the field, we are right back where we were; last year.

bredpathSep. 6, 12 7:31 AM

thetruth: would you rather they face Rodgers, Cutler or Stafford right away? Playing against rookie QB's early on is definitely a break, especially when you look at who they could be facing instead.

ltufvessonSep. 6, 12 7:50 AM

Frasier will come to regret what that Washington victory cost him last year when in the second game one of those young QB's - Andrew Luck - destroys the Vikes secondary. Until the Tampa 2 defense is dropped as primary defense this team will never go anywhere. Game has changed - Frasier lives in the past.

bengravedSep. 6, 12 9:09 AM

This works both ways, those young QB's we are going to be facing are catching a break, playing the Vikes. As far as winning the Washington game, as so many other people have said, cut Webb. We don't need him coming in and winning games we are supposed to lose, as he did when we played Washington.

tjtwinsfanSep. 6, 12 9:49 AM

Typical type schedule we get a easy schedule this year and next year a tough one when. When we will have the top pick next year in the draft due to us going 2-14. Also we may be smart and actually draft a top notch wide receiver and possibly sign a top notch wide receiver in free agency. Its to bad we can't ever draft a top notch wide receiver like the packers do they always get a bargain late round pick and they seem to work out. The only great one we got in the first round was Moss and we got him because everyone else was scared of his attitude. I guess Jake Reed turned out good after he found out he needed glasses.

tjtwinsfanSep. 6, 1210:09 AM

Maybe we shouldn't have concentrated on building a great offense the last 2 years, maybe we should have concentrated on building a great super defense instead. Our division now is basically a offensive division, the rest of the teams have built strong offenses. Maybe we should have gone the other route and build a dominating defense and frustrate all those other teams in our division. They are all set offensively now and in the next few years they will be adding more and more to their defense. Maybe we should have got a jump start on them and nuetralized their offenses. Now that they will have their offense set they will build and build great defenses, Green Bay has started and Detroit has too. We have so many weak spots all over the place. The owner has to suck it up and spend big bucks on free agents in order to become any kind of a contender in the next 2 years. But with Petersons huge contract he signed their won't be enough money to sign the players from free agency. Oh maybe there will, if we keep trying to sign the John Carlsons of the world. Play one game and injured the next. The Vikings do no how to nab star players out of college who everyone is leary about drafting Petersons knee issues, Moss's head issues, Harvins Migraine issues, Mckinnies pot issues and fat issues. Who is the next superstar player we will draft that no one else will gamble on? One we passed on was Sapp. To bad because he turned out to be a good boy in the pros.


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