Democrats banking on grass-roots energy

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER and KEVIN DIAZ , Star Tribune
  • Updated: September 2, 2012 - 9:17 AM

For Obama, the campaign to hold the White House begins this week with the Democratic convention, where the faithful hope to rev up the vast apparatus that produced his historic 2008 election.

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dflleftSep. 1, 1210:40 PM

OTHER THAN the usual hard core DFL liberals, who in their right mind would want to vote for the worst President in modern history. Actually, Jimmy Carter is dancing in the street, he can now say for the first thought I was bad? look what you have now.

bigtmnSep. 1, 1211:30 PM

"Who in their right mind would want to vote for the worst President in modern history" .... just those people that haven't forgotten 2001 to 2009.

j_m_t_usSep. 1, 1211:33 PM

Grass roots energy? Why would they even still be around? He has done nothing to help this country! If Obama gets relected, it will show how far this country has fallen! I am not jumping up and down about Romney either but I am willing to give someone else a chance to turn things around as he wont do any worse then what we have had in office the past four years!

omnipresentSep. 1, 1211:35 PM

Obama is by far the best president in my nearly 70 years. Clinton was a better communicator, but in terms of impeccable values, vision, patience, steadiness and temperament, Obama is remarkable, IMO. His job, begun with a Bush-created mess of enormous proportions, has been made incredibly more difficult by having a Congress whose top priority is to stop or block every last effort to aid the economy. I will be very proud to vote for him in November. Very proud.

stearns1985Sep. 1, 1211:37 PM

It is sad when commenters make empty comments with no "hows" or "whys" and NOTHING to back up their empty misguided statements. Right outta the page book of the republican politicians they support. The worst president??? Well, next to Herbert Hoover (also a Rep) who lead the country into the Great Depression, G.W. Bush WILL go down as the worst Pres in US history! WHY? For reasons obvious to all and too numerous to mention! And Obama? He inherits the GREAT RECESSION in full force with 100,000's losing jobs monthly, and a stock market that had tanked with many losing 1/2 of their retirement assets! ... with no end in sight to this economic train of destruction. What did Obama do? After GW Bush signed the 1st $1 Trillion stimulus, Obama signed the 2nd, with additional relief and policy changes. What happened? Spending increased stimulating domestic employment. Unemployment dropped from 10+% to 8.2% currently. Stock market, and middle-class retirement funds fully recovered! He brought us OUT of the very costly and deadly (and misguided) IRAQ war! He lead the capture and killing of Bin Laden (the world's worst terrorist). He saved the American Auto Industry from the Brink of destruction! All of this under his watch! It is what it is folks! Republicans can't hide from it! Bush lead us into the worst economic disaster in 80 years with Republican policies. Obama brought us back from the "brink". And he will be regarded as on of the best Presidents, as FDR is, who brought us out of another Republican economic debacle!

joetannSep. 1, 1211:43 PM

I see a lack of democrat's opinions here. The thrill is gone. There's nothing to comment on. The United States is in the worst position it has ever been. Worse than the Great Depression. Obama has dragged us down to European standards by his Socialist Dreams and free money mentality. Trillion dollar per year deficits are killing us. A change has got to happen. Who are we kidding? It won't be easy but realism has got to prevail, otherwise the Union is doomed.

wildfoxSep. 1, 1211:48 PM

Obviously the GOP knew they were going to lose this election. That is why Romoney was their candidate, he is expendable and they can kick him to the curb after election. By 2016 GOP must retool the platform, evolve on issues bringing them into this CENTURY, be more inviting of ALL Americans and get a credible candidate that is appealing to the public. GOP can't survive solely on the 1%'ers and 23% voting block of the guns and god crowd. Not to mention younger voters they have not grown up in openly discriminating society as people have before them. The 2016 RNC should have a huge sign that says "Equality" not "We built it"!!!

wildfoxSep. 2, 1212:47 AM

Presidential election 2008 in Iowa .... Obama 828,940 / 54% .... McCain 682,379 / 45%.

joetannSep. 2, 12 1:23 AM

The media seems tense and not so sure that their guy is going to win the election! The Democrat Convention will give the people a chance to see what this Party proposes. The Party will have to explain the failures of the last three and one half years. How about giving the U.S. a BUDGET PLAN that is more than three months long? How about creating jobs and not penalizing the creators? How about awarding the creators of jobs? How about telling them they did a great thing by creating a small business. They took the risk and made the thing succeed and hired people to work with them. That is the American way. That's the way America works. People helping other people succeed. The Government didn't do it. Some person did it with their own guts and determination. This Administration is a do nothing, but blame someone else atrocity. Get a backbone and propose something that will work! Stop throwing money at projects that fail, hoping something good will happen. The American People deserve more than what they have with Obama. You are employed by the people of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA; START WORKING FOR US.

ClausenSep. 2, 12 1:29 AM

Two presidents in the last 100 years have been disastrous for the country. Herbert Hoover and G.W. Bush, both Republicans, BTW. The successors to both, FDR and Obama, have had remarkable successes, despite overwhelming odds. I doubt the voter is willing to had the country over to a man, Mitt Romney, with no plans other than to further enrich the already rich, decrease benefits for Social Security and Medicare and increase military spending.


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