U.S. Senate race takes feisty turn

  • Article by: RACHEL E. STASSEN-BERGER , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 30, 2012 - 9:26 PM

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Republican challenger Kurt Bills went back and forth at the fair.

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highlife75Aug. 30, 1210:13 PM

It is simple really, we sent Amy to Washington 6 years ago, she has since voted to add over $7 Trillion in new debt with no plan to change this voracious over spending. We as a country can not afford another 6 years of Amy's spending money we don't have.

arspartzAug. 30, 1210:49 PM

It comes down to one question. Both sides agree that spending outstrips revenue. The liberals want to take more while the conservatives want to give less away.

halfabubbleAug. 30, 1210:55 PM

I've had more economics classes than Kurt Bills. Making Gold and Silver legal tender does nothing for the economy and if we go back on to the gold standard, then we will have hyper inflation for the next 5-10 years.

gambrinusAug. 30, 1211:00 PM

Klobuchar voted in favor of the "Protect America Act", seen as eroding the civil liberty protections of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and posed difficult questions relative to the Fourth Amendment. Lawyers and law firms are her top source of campaign contribution so far in the 2012 campaign cycle having given her $1,149,579. Kurt Bills, in contrast, voted against lawyers in the MN divorce industry to allow children of divorced parents more time with both parents.

asdfjklAug. 30, 1211:15 PM

Bills is an extremist joke. We don't need to be sending someone to the Senate with grandiose ideas about abolishing multiple federal agencies or returning to the gold standard.

gambrinusAug. 31, 12 1:38 AM

The US was on the gold standard from almost its inception until Nixon ended it in 1971 to finance the Vietnam War. Since 1972, the average American wage has been in decline if inflation is calculated. Perhaps that is coincidence. The US became a superpower while we had a gold standard. Besides the Constitution mandates that "No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts". With a gold standard, politicians have to raise taxes to have wars or other large spending programs. Without a gold standard, fiscal discipline is less important because money can be printed and expenses billed to our kids. Again, it may be coincidence but we have been having a lot more wars and our federal debts have been going up faster since Nixon ended the gold standard.

freedomallAug. 31, 12 3:53 AM

Amy Klobuchar voted for the Bush Patriot Act, NDAA bill (with its Indefinite Detention Provision), authored the SOPA/PIPA bills which received nation-wide backlash as both eroded our internet privacy rights. Klobuchar also voted to fund the Bush Middle-East WARS, she has received money from the drone lobby to expand the use of unconstitutional drones and she would vote to invade Iran if we do so in the future. Why would any Minnesotan vote for this woman after she took your civil liberties and tax-dollars to expand militarism?

highlife75Aug. 31, 12 8:34 AM

Funny, Amy did not mention her fine representation of the medical device manufactures and how they were chosen to help pay for her deciding vote on Obamacare, just one of the dozens of new taxes Amy has added to try and pay for her run away spending.

sallygirlAug. 31, 1210:37 AM

Congratulations all who participated in what sounds like a mean spirited and disrespectful brawl rather than a thoughtful and passionate debate. And we wonder why bullying, violence and rampant disrespect for others has become the norm in our society. Grow up.

commoncent4Aug. 31, 1210:40 AM

Being little Amy is only concerned with peanut butter and school bus stop signs, she should think about doing Minnesota a favor and just resign. She could get a position with the FDA and tackle those difficult food issues that seem to excite her.


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