2 giants - HealthPartners, Park Nicollet - plan to merge

  • Article by: JACKIE CROSBY , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 30, 2012 - 11:36 PM

HealthPartners-Park Nicollet affiliation could usher in more such mergers.

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cyberpunkAug. 30, 12 5:38 PM

Good to hear, hopefully they can fix the inefficiencies with Park's system. There processes are another piece of why the healthcare system is broken and $$

fentanylAug. 30, 12 6:13 PM

Park Nicollet will have to lower their standards to fit in with the hostile corporate culture at Healrh Partners. What a terrible decision.

jessy03Aug. 30, 12 6:34 PM

I really have a good impression of Park Nicollet - the whole experience in fact. May it rub off on the combined enterprise.

jamue11eAug. 30, 12 7:13 PM

I really like PNC. But they are not a insurance provider. Just a health care provider. Nothing to entangle themselves with outside providing care. This cannot fare well for the consumer. And by consumer, I mean patients. I hope this doesn't go through.

vlombardyAug. 30, 12 8:09 PM

As banking has shown, mergers can result in monopolies-as in the derivatives markets that are owned by a handful of banks-that are detrimental to the industry, if not the country. The same is true with health care. We were better off with a thousand small health care groups than we are with 2 or 3.

sunny77Aug. 30, 12 8:31 PM

As an employee it would have been nice to know about this rather than reading it on here..how many jobs will be cut?? What does this mean?

jim52rothAug. 30, 12 8:40 PM

I'm not sure about this. Bigger is not necessarily better. I don't want to turn this into a political comment but let's say I'm skeptical.

mrzillydooAug. 30, 12 8:50 PM

@jamue11e Health Partners may run both insurance be a healthcare provider, but a merger with PNHS wouldn't mean PNHS would have to start providing insurance. Those are two different endeavors at Healthpartners. @cyberpunk if you see inefficiencies I assume you raise your voice, and I'm not even going to go as far as expecting you to have a better solution, but simply point to what you think is inefficient and you'd be surprised at how receptive they may be to looking for a fix. Yeah I work at PNHS, fun times this being the first I've heard of such things. If and it's a big IF, this goes through I would wonder how integrated their operations will become--whether everything would be merged or if it would be more a business partnership.

scottyhomerAug. 30, 12 8:51 PM

As a former Park Nicollet patient I thought they did fairly well on handling care, without too much added you-know-what. The doctors were good, and Methodist hospital is a great place, especially for outpatient procedures. I hope this merger doesn't affect stuff like that. I'd really prefer that they not drop to Ridgeview's level, where they never met a test they couldn't try to force you to take.

mets4ctsAug. 30, 12 9:01 PM

Park Nicollet staff have been warned since the beginning of 2012 that we would be merged with another organization. HealthPartners began transferring staff to PN in 2011 to facilitate the acquisition. Sunny77: Notices went out to staff late this afternoon; not Park Nicollet's fault-HeathPartners drove the notification process.


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