Souhan: Ryan appears committed to leading Twins out of the mire

  • Article by: JIM SOUHAN , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 29, 2012 - 3:45 PM
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CountChoculaAug. 28, 1210:13 PM

First bullet point is all you need to know, folks. Any organization that can't hold its manager accountable for two ~100-loss seasons is an organization not serious about winning. Stay away from Target Field and send these pretenders a message.

enewsreaderAug. 28, 1210:14 PM

O, Pohlad! You took our tax money. O, Pohlad! It's not looking sunny. O, Pohlad! You got your new park. O, Pohlad! Left us in the dark.

lindy_frank123Aug. 28, 1210:14 PM

Well he needs to be willing to FIRE Gardy...that's problem coaching changes? problem two...keeping Morneau instead of getting talent for him? problem three...sounds like a broken record TERRY...same old Terry and you're suckin' it up Jim...gullibility reigns supreme in Minnesota..

henrikAug. 28, 1210:21 PM

Getting some sort of quality starting pitching is mandatory if the Twins are going to compete in the near (within 2 years) future. Trading Morneau would make no sense. His trade value is low, and if he continues to progress he should hit around 30 HR and drive in around 100 next year. While I do not blame Gardenhire for many of the reasons the Twins have been so bad the last 2 years, I do believe that it is time for some new blood in the dug out.

lindy_frank123Aug. 28, 1210:21 PM

I know how much a lot of Twins fans hated George Steinbrenner but guess what? everyone was accountable to George. Things didn't and don't "slide" like this in the Yankees organization. George would say fix it now! Or you're fired! Think Jim Pohlad has the "cahoonees" to do that? Think again.

radiant1Aug. 28, 1210:21 PM

To all the people that are calling for Gardy's firing: who do you recommend the Twins name as his replacement? No clue? Thought so. Gardy's not the problem, people. He's a good manager that would have several managerial opportunities if the Twins cut him loose. Connie Mack in his hey day wouldn't have enough lipstick to cover the pig of a product the Twins have put out on the field the last two years. The Twins problem is a culmination of bad trades, bad scouting, bad drafting, bad luck, bad everything. Unless you are the Yankees, every team in baseball has peaks and valleys. It's the Twins turn to hit the skids for awhile. They've had a very good run for well over a decade. They'll come back at some point. Until then, grit your teeth and deal with it.

jt23ishereAug. 28, 1210:23 PM

Gardy is not the problem here. He has proven he can in, even with the players he has had. I could see a pitching coach change. We have had some mediocre pitchers leave here, and be successfull elsewhere. That is where I would start. We defintaly need to get some other pitchers in here. Bu if the Twins are not willing to spend money on a legit 1 or 2 starter, the will just get more of the same.

lindy_frank123Aug. 28, 1210:29 PM

Here's all you need to know...the Twins organization I liken to the Navy where I spent 12+ years of my life. The Navy thinks it an entity all by itself. If the armed forces are told to do something "collectively". The Navy does their own thing/the Navy Way. Well, the Twins have their own way while teams like Tampa, Texas and New York keep on spending money to plug holes, the Twins just wait for talent to develop or buy cheap. In the meantime, the rest of the league "runs" right by you.

dlfriesenAug. 28, 1210:30 PM

I have always felt that we need to provide Terry Ryan with time and patience. However, I find this article extremely disturbing. Bottom line ... there was not one comment in this entire article that gives one reason for hope. This article could have been abbreviated by simply stating that the GM has no intention of changing / doing anything different. The age-old definition of insanity ... continuing to do things the same and expecting different results. No leadership ... no accountability ... no fire. As a player, there is nothing to fear. Just show up and let the chips fall where they may. I can't imagine that the Pohlad brothers approach their other business interests with such a lackadaisical / ho=hum attitude. The problem must originate from the very top. If it didn't, Terry Ryan would have a plan of action, rather than simply hoping that things improve. I can't take it any more ... time to go to bed.

lindy_frank123Aug. 28, 1210:33 PM

Here's a replacement...Harold Reynolds or better yet....John Kruk. You are laughing I know but they have got just as much experience as Gardy had when he got in here and I think by working with MLB and ESPN, they had a chance to see alot of baseball and sit back and evaluate talent. There's plenty of managerial talent available outside the organization but it's a little late to start looking now for this season. I say fire his butt at the end of the year and get someone in here who knows how to win next year.


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