Ex-SEAL: Jesse Ventura got popped after popping off

  • Article by: DAN BROWNING , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 29, 2012 - 8:18 AM

In ex-governor's lawsuit, witnesses support account of bar fight.

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g5thistimeAug. 28, 12 6:54 PM

You can argue freedom of speech, knowing when to not say something. After reading the article it sounds to me like this sniper sucker-punched Ventura. IMO that is the most cowardly act a man can resort to.

dlfriesenAug. 28, 12 6:56 PM

Who has more credibility ... "The Body" ... or a half-dozen men willing to sacrifice their lives for their country? Jesse is a royal embarrasment to himself ... he just doesn't know it.

kkjerAug. 28, 12 6:57 PM

Sounds to me like the writer has the John Wayne Syndrome. No doubt somebody, including myself could have decked deck Jesse back in the day, but when you brag about it, it is probably a lie. As a retired cop who worked in an area where Jesse was still named James and a bouncer, I can say he was a pretty tough dude.

munsterlandrAug. 28, 12 7:06 PM

I would say what I really thought about Jesse Ventura here - but then he would probably sue me.. I would add that I saw Ventura once not that long ago at a Kowalski's wearing what looked like pajama bottoms and a old torn t-shirt. He made sure everybody in line knew who he was. What a piece of work. Considering he was once our Governor, it is no surprise this state also elected a Klobuchar and a Franken.

dlfriesenAug. 28, 12 7:07 PM

kkjerAug. 28, 12 6:57 PM states, "As a retired cop who worked in an area where Jesse was still named James and a bouncer, I can say he was a pretty tough dude". Tough ... perhaps; ignorant ... absolutely.

ksimmons12Aug. 28, 12 7:07 PM

As someone who once voted for Jesse, he has gone off the deep end. Jesse needs to fade away into his non-existence

michaelpatrickAug. 28, 12 7:15 PM

This is absolutely believeable. Sounds exactly like Jesse. The lawsuit most of all sounds like classic Jesse, the thinnest skin in the world. Someone tells a story about him, without naming him, and he sues over use of his "likeness" for the guy to "enrich himself." Translation: Don't evee say anything about me that I don't like or I'll sue you.

ak13741Aug. 28, 12 7:16 PM

Jesse Venturn is to yesterday's politics as Michelle Bachmann is to today's politics.

sgtbuzzcutAug. 28, 12 7:17 PM

Ventura has gone of the deep end. No SEAL is going to smack a guy in front of their deceased teamate's mother for no reason. Ventura needs to man up. If he's want the attention that comes with his type of mouth running... then take the lumps too. Nice shot brother!

erikj3Aug. 28, 12 7:23 PM

You mouth off at a hero's wake, you deserve whatever you get. From what I've read about Kyle, sounds like Jesse got off easy.


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