Minn. seeks OK to change Medicaid health plan, save $151 million

  • Article by: JENNIFER BROOKS , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 28, 2012 - 10:08 PM

Dayton: Reforms could save $151 million over next five years.

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scotsarmAug. 28, 12 6:14 PM

Good for Governor Dayton. Remember this man was our State Auditor for 5 years and is an excellent numbers cruncher. Knows what he's doing. And also remember he is one of the few politicians to know himself well enough to step aside when he was our Senator, citing that he felt he was not the best candidate for our state...that takes real guts. We have a very good man leading this state.

aastrupAug. 28, 12 7:52 PM

I can't believe Dayton is cutting Medicaid! How dare he take money away from our needing citizens!

vampress_meAug. 28, 12 7:56 PM

"It's also designed to make services such as personal care attendants and counseling for nursing home care faster and more flexible." PCAs and nursing home care - two things completely messed up already in this state, but let's make it easier to mess up worse and either accidentally kill more people or take government money for a ride. Lovely idea!

huggybear28Aug. 28, 12 9:32 PM

Classic, he is going to "save money" after spending an additional $400 million dollars from the state's general fund on the medicaid expansion. This at a time when we are withholding $2 billion dollars from our schools. Back in 2000 the health & human service budget was $5 billion and education financing was $8 billion. Today Health and Human Service spending is at $11 billion and education spending at $12 billion dollars. By 2020, we are projected to spend $20 billion on health & human services and $16 billion on education. The rest of the state budget is being squeezed by health & human service spending & Dayton willing admits it is a problem but instead of working to cut costs his policies have added more spending instead of reducing it.

rjr2205Aug. 28, 12 9:49 PM

Gov Dayton's hope is to keep people out of nursing homes which costs about $5,000 a month. In-home care often costs less than 1/2 that. Interesting to read the rightwinger comments that criticize Dayton for doing exactly what we all want which is for government to maximize the use /effectiveness of our tax dollars. These rw hypocrits chant "do more more less" then criticize Dayton for doing more with less! One additional point, people do get injured, neglected & abused in nursing homes as sometimes happens with PCAs and other in home care. So long as nursing homes, Pca programs, etc are staffed with human beings, some who are evil or inept, bad things will happen on rare occassion. Also remember when you chant "cut government", that means fewer people to provide oversight for adult & child day care, PCAs, Nursing homes, etc. Connect the dots!!

wildfoxAug. 28, 1210:45 PM

It is best for people to stay in their homes if possible. Thank you Gov Dayton !!!

joeljyAug. 28, 1211:15 PM

The best thing about Minnesota is its Governor. Thank you, Governor Dayton!

th3171Aug. 28, 1211:39 PM

"Dayton willing admits it is a problem but instead of working to cut costs his policies have added more spending instead of reducing it."...you obviously have no idea how a GOP controlled house and senate works.

huggybear28Aug. 29, 12 5:48 AM

"you obviously have no idea how a GOP controlled house and senate works." If you are referring to the checks and balances that the legislature has on the governor and vice versa you have a short term memory. The medicaid expansion was agreed upon by Pawlenty and the previous legislature in that the next governor (Dayton or Emmer) could agree or not agree to expanding medicaid through an executive order. The new GOP controlled legislature under the agreement could do nothing to stop it.

elmore1Aug. 29, 12 7:42 AM

Hey, this shows you what can happen with bipartisan cooperation. Same with the disaster relief in NE MN. Good work!


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