Zebra mussels found in old Iron Range pit

  • Article by: PAUL WALSH , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 28, 2012 - 8:41 PM
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evldedAug. 28, 1212:21 PM

We've been through this! Us anglers, pleasure boaters, jetskiers, and any other type of watercrafter are simply not interested in doing our part. Leave us alone, the constitution says I can launch my boat anywhere with a public landing. And I intend to do that. Weeds, mussels, asian carp, or whatever else I see fit attached. There's nothing you can do to stop us!

NoMasBSAug. 28, 1212:30 PM

Well before the DNR starts fining fishermen they better sue the shipping companies that brought the zebra mussels here in the first place!!!! Oh and don't forget to fine the birds that travel from lake to lake and river to river with the mussels attached to them. But as always they're going after the little man because he don't have the lawyers to stop it from happening like the shipping companies do. So fine us all but tell us exactly how you're going to stop the spread of the mussels. You simply can't period!!!

evldedAug. 28, 1212:33 PM

@NoMasBS: RIGHT ON! I'm not pulling ANYTHING off my boat! Keep your government hands off my boat trailer!

pwcgoldfishAug. 28, 1212:53 PM

If you have the time to count the zebra mussels then you should have the time to picked them up at the same time and put them in a bag and disposed of them. Seems to me that the DNR doesn't want to solve the problem because without the problem they will get less funding to control or eliminate the problem.

chadsterAug. 28, 12 1:48 PM

I can't believe that someone just postulated that the solution to zebra mussel infestation is being suppressed by the DNR so they can continue to exist. Because without zebra mussels, what the heck is the DNR even THERE for? RIGHT?

rshacklefordAug. 28, 12 1:56 PM

Thanks for providing the definitions for two concepts obviously unacceptable (or maybe incomprehensible?) to a small group of people: (Evolution aka Natural Selection) "Zebra mussels represent a significant threat to Minnesota rivers and lakes because they multiply rapidly and attach themselves to native mussels, killing them and altering ecology and food chains." and then (Adaptation; Human Failure To) "Their hard shells also cut swimmers' feet and fishing lines and inundate docks."

mcpalachAug. 28, 12 1:58 PM

Zebra mussels can be kille with copper sulfate. That is what the DNR used to keep the from spreding from Ossawinnamakee. The DNR will not allow using it unless they issue a permit and in most cases they wont let you.

yudie11Aug. 28, 12 2:36 PM

@evlded: Great idea, don't pull anything off your boat. That way when your lakes are too contaminated, and there are no fish left to catch, you can then blame the DNR for not "educating" you enough, or for not "forcing" tougher restrictions......How hard is it to take a little extra time to check your boat?! Get serious bud!

mmediaAug. 28, 12 3:07 PM

I win! My over/under for the first comment to blame waterfowl was 4. I got it in two. You can always count on lazy so-called sportsmen to find someone or thing else to blame. Somehow these birds know to land with infected feathers only on lakes that see high boat traffic. I need to change my duck-hunting strategy to focus only on these busy lakes.

pwcgoldfishAug. 28, 12 3:10 PM

put on a snorkel and mask and go grab yourself a helping of zebra mussels. Mmmmmm. In all seriousness. We've been listening to the DNR talk about invasion and I honestly cannot say that I have seen them doing anything to combat the problem except blame people.


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