Coon Rapids dog park a loud nuisance, neighbors say

  • Article by: MARIA ELENA BACA , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 27, 2012 - 5:30 AM

Coon Rapids considering a new site, but the popular off-leash area will stay open for now.

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CATEGILLAug. 26, 12 9:48 PM

These residents are complaining about all the noise when every 5 minutes a train goes by...seriously??? If there wasn't a dog park they would probably complain that there wasn't one.

antisuburbsAug. 26, 1210:02 PM

While I do think the neighbors are overreacting, who tells kids to stop playing because it upsets your dog? My dog sure doesn't like loud horseplay, but he usually stops barking at people if i yell at him to stop. It is not the fault of those children that you are too lazy to train your dog.

dtmonkeyboyAug. 26, 1210:56 PM

I'd rather live across from a dog park than a school playground or softball field. talk about noisy!!!

elguevon1Aug. 26, 1211:47 PM

Pfffft....with all the trucks and loud tailpipes up here, a dog park would be the least of the noise issues in these parts.

ropedinAug. 27, 12 7:23 AM

Love the comments...spoken by people who haven't had their peace or enjoyment of their homes disrupted. You don’t even have to ask to know that it isn’t disrupting anyone on the City Council and that someone on the Council uses the park.

yodalukeAug. 27, 12 7:28 AM

I have been to that park several times and its been reasonably quiet and the dogs and owners have behaved themselves. I did receive a nasty note on my windshield though from a neighbor, if anything maybe they can help with parking signs. But the dog park is a nice place for residents to go. Some people will complain about anything.

rickbmnAug. 27, 12 7:45 AM

I live in CR and have a small dog. I have never been to this park and do not plan to go. And I do NOT want my tax dollars to be used on another (new) dog park! Period. Do we really have that much money that we can now have another park with off-street parking? That requires money to build and to maintain? I certainly wouldn't want such a park in my neighborhood, and quite honestly, I'm not sure why they put one there. Is this really what our gov't has been reduced to? In the meantime, CR Blvd is a ghost town compared to what it once was, and the Riverdale area is a disaster the way they laid out the roads. Who designed that and who approved that? The entire city council needs to go, but it's the same old boy and girl network here.

kcmamaAug. 27, 12 7:46 AM

I love the Elm Creek dog park, but it's out in the country where it won't bother anyone. I can certainly see that the extra traffic and activity would be a pain in a residential neighborhood. Whoever planned and built it there didn't do their homework. Move it.

rmjeffersonAug. 27, 12 7:48 AM

The real story here is that the tax payers are footing the bill for these mutts. If these "dog lovers" want their own park they should foot the bill for it - and keep it out of residential areas.

daveseavyAug. 27, 12 8:22 AM

There are good points on all sides. We have two dog parks in Rochester; both are away from direct residential areas. While I love the parks, I agree with neighbors that it can be a pain to have one right across from your home. Now that all usable land is being developed, there are few options for letting a dog get its energy out, and dog parks are of great benefit. They need to be well thought out and planned so they have minimal impact on the area. On the other hand, there are people who, no matter what, will oppose anything and everything involving change, so that has to be considered. Best to put it to a public vote and if the majority want it where it's at, the people have spoken.


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