Rand: What if Boston goes after the M&M boys?

  • Article by: MICHAEL RAND , Star Tribune
  • Updated: August 27, 2012 - 7:19 AM

Conspiracy theories are always in season around here, particularly when it comes to Minnesota teams and Boston teams.

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meemaaAug. 27, 1212:30 AM

What are you basing your assessment on that Mauer has earned his ridiculous salary in '12?? His leadership? His articulate interviews following a pounding? His homeruns? His RBI's? His ability to throw out a runner? Oh wait, let me guess OBP.

firefly70Aug. 27, 12 1:29 AM

@meemaa: Or maybe the assessment is based on his WAR (always makes me laugh when people resort to those types of "stats" to justify a player's underperformance!), since having Joe Mauer in the lineup should mean the team wins more games than if he's not. So let's see, last year when Joe missed half of the season, the Twins record after 127 games was 55-72. Okay. Now this year with Joe having "played" in almost all of the games (I still don't consider DH'ing truly "playing" a game, especially in light of his ridiculous contract - but that's for a different debate) the Twins record after yesterday's 127th game was what? 52-75? Huh? How can that be? So they're actually doing WORSE this year? And with Mighty Mauer IN the lineup? Hmmm... Maybe being just a singles hitter doesn't help the team as much as people think it does.

myblunderAug. 27, 12 1:59 AM

Mauer would crack under the pressure of the Red Sox fans and media, there is NO chance that he goes to Boston or New York.

dlfriesenAug. 27, 12 2:00 AM

If Boston is interested in Mauer ... pull the trigger. It may be the only chance to unload that ridiculous contract. In lieu thereof ... we may be able to land a much-needed "leader".

lindy_frank123Aug. 27, 12 2:38 AM

He'd win another 3 to 4 batting titles in New York or Boston.

rshacklefordAug. 27, 12 5:26 AM

Why wouldn't the owners trade them? The powers that be got their new freebie stadium and they obviously don't care about winning any longer. It is all about the bottom line. Heck, on the 10pm news, it was said that Viqueens tickets are going for $4 a piece. When THEY announce attendance, I want to know SEATED ATTENDANCE, not the fact that 1,000's of remaining tickets were given away (a so-called sellout). This whole pro sports scheme in the Twin Cities stinks.

JPetersen3Aug. 27, 12 5:41 AM

The scenario is not out of the realm of possibility except for one thing: Boston doesn't have the young (and without injury histories) talent that the Twins would need to make the deal acceptable to their fans. and rshackleford: the Pohlad family spent more than $200 million and promised years of rental payments for their "freebie stadium." Get over it. You and your fellow losers lost in the Twins and Vikings stadium debates.

kleinerpAug. 27, 12 6:12 AM

Yeah, I am sure that most of the people making negative comments here know a lot about Joe Mauer's leadership skills. They would also be the same people complaining when Mauer won a couple more batting titles with Boston, because the Twins were too cheap to keep him.

badhabitAug. 27, 12 6:18 AM

Do it now please,It is about the only shot the Twins have for a shot at a Div title let alone a World Series in the next 5 years.

podman64Aug. 27, 12 6:29 AM

I like having the M & M boys, when healthy and as for their salaries as being too high, all good players salaries are too high, so boneheads get over it. If the cheap rip off Pohlads don't spend more of their big money from the new stadium on quality free agents, then trade them. Boston also got 2 top young pitchers in the trade, so if the Twins don't want to improve now make the trade get the pitcers and have then add 2nd, ss, 3rd prospects.


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